October 30, 2013

OC Auto Show 2013: Custom Cars Come with Gorgeous Girls


The custom car culture is a phenomenon fundamentally defined in a fascination for art and beauty, an innate characteristic, which can translate into the fusion of various disciplines to form a more complete picture and meaning.  For example, along with finely applied paint jobs and quality detailing come those stunning options for wheel rims and any variety of eye-catching accessories.  Likewise, high-powered, state-of-the-art mechanics might even be provided with a few enhancing components to add a super charge to a basic driving experience.  Indeed, there are many ways, in which any standard vehicle can be intricately transformed into distinct modified ingenuity, in essence expressing the inherent creativity and passion of the person visualizing of all those possibilities.  At the 2013 OC Auto Show, such an image would be effectively established, but what about the meaning?  After all, such craftsmanship and individuality does tend to provide a machine with something of a personality.  Therefore, why not have some of the most stunning promotional models gracing such displays and offering greetings?  Within all that shimmering smoothness and pristine quality, the allure of sensuality becomes all the more intriguing.


Hooters is well renowned for providing an unique dining experience for all those who enter their stores and restaurants, as the service is often composed of the most alluring women and models from within their specific vicinities and regions.  The mega food chain would continue to be a major force upon the show floors of the OC Auto Show this year, presenting the audiences with a trio of their West Coast swimsuit competition finalists to help enliven the atmosphere.


Paige truly exudes a radiance and charm, which thoroughly intoxicates in pure sensual vivacity.  Such natural allure would effectively lead her to victory at the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Pageant, an honor which allowed her to proceed into Las Vegas for the international competition this year.  During the OC Auto Show, she would reminisce further about those good times, crediting the experience as one of the most interesting episodes of her time with the company, thus far. 



Natasha brought such infectious energy to the OC Auto Show’s Hooters booth this year, beaming that unbound, vibrant charisma she had likewise conveyed during the course of the 2013 West Coast Hooters Swimsuit Pageant Finals.


2013 West Coast Hooters Pageant Finalist Megan would also be on hand, offering smiles and signed posters for the benefit of all the OC Auto Show attendees.


Lamborghini Ride and Drive







Wheel Repair Specialists / Graphic Tires

Wheel Repair Specialists offers exactly what it suggests on its name with added options for customization to provide an avid car culture enthusiast a one-stop-shop, in which to satisfy all their wheel related servicing needs.  Located within their promotional area would be Graphic Tires, whose specialty ranges through various concepts and designs that provide visual animation and character to the standard tire design.


Vivaciously stunning in charming expressive brilliance defined in enticing sensual form, Alexis Katelyn would absolutely enthrall the crowds as the premier spokesmodel for Wheel Repair Specialists and Graphic Tires during the 2013 OC Auto Show. 


The Graphic Tires crew would place special emphasis upon this featured design at the Orange County Auto Show, one which would honor the courage and sacrifices of America's brave men and women in uniform.

KLOS 95.5


Representing KLOS 95.5 during the Orange County Auto Show would be the lovely Araceli Coronado, whose charming grace and warmth of spirit would effectively draw some wandering eyes towards her booth.


International Allstars

International Allstars dedicates itself to comprehensive strategies within automotive scene promotions and marketing, using its extensive resources and experience to provide lasting benefits to their valued partners and clients.


Jennifer Angel Ancheta would make her second consecutive appearance at the OC Auto Show, returning as the premier promotional figure for International Allstars Marketing during the event.  Adorably enticing in energizing expressive vivacity framed upon vibrant intuitive poise, Jennifer always bursts with a potent force of charisma that most definitely gets everyone smiling. 




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