December 31, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: The Talent Rundown (Part 3)

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys has been an advocate for rider’s rights on the road for many decades now.  Their dedication and specialization on motorcycle accidents and injuries stems from their own love of the lifestyle, being that the firm itself is composed of experienced, passionate riders.  Their nationwide success and tradition of care has brought much fame to their name, especially in the Southern California scene with appearances at major motorcycle showcase events like the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and, of course, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  Each appearance does much to boost the enthusiasm of event attendees, as they often employ a few good women to help spread the word of their services.

Through mesmerizing passionate depth and artistic sensuality, Randie Raige is easily one of the most visually seductive figures one may encounter on any event floor.  Many still remember her appearance at the 2011 SpoCom Super Show in Anaheim, California, captivating crowds in a form-fitting purple dress while getting stopped for impromptu photo shoots at several media booths throughout the event. 


Lyndsay Katz was a lady on a mission.  She stood in front of the Russ Brown booth with such bursting brilliance and enthusiasm that nobody could resist the urge to smile and greet her in return.  A pleasant and natural conversationalist, she made the event experience for everyone all the more enjoyable.



Adaptiv Technologies

Adaptiv Technologies provides a selection of radar sensitive electronics, convenient gadget-friendly mounting upgrades, and practical wear, which aid in the security and satisfaction of an avid rider.

No amount of wavelength interference could truly dampen the sensory impact of the enticing sweet elegance of Austyn Busch, who was on hand for the event under the Adaptiv Technologies banner.

Topping Events, Inc. / So-Cal Cycle Show and Swap

Topping Events, Inc. was in attendance at this year’s Progressive International Motorcycle Show to promote their popular So-Cal Cycle Show and Swap event, which is held during multiple times of the year at the Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium.  The event serves as a convenient marketplace for new, used and vintage motorcycles, parts and accessories within the Southern California community.

Jennifer Vos, who represented Topping Events during the show, exuded a radiance enlivened by embracing enthusiasm, which many found absolutely appealing.


Del Amo Motorsports

Del Amo Motorsports is a local Southern California retailer offering everything a rider and enthusiast might ever need from new and used motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, and even occasional meet and greet events with today’s top sports racing stars.  Even at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, the company does tend to please in all sorts of ways.

There’s this tempting tranquility within her expressional character that makes Joselyn Cano simply irresistible.  Smooth, cool yet penetratingly powerful, she is a visual presence that uniquely expresses a full spectrum of emotion into a singularity all her own.  Mostly known within the live event circuits as a prime personality for the Sony Mobile Music Tour during the 2010 and 2011 event seasons, she’s had a history of being a major draw at big venue showcases.


It seems Joselyn brought a friend.


Coverage of the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show continues next…


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    1. Happy you enjoyed the coverage. IMS is coming back to Long Beach in 2013, so expect more from this show circuit soon.