November 23, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Spokesmodel Central

The significance of a particular element is often perceived in its relative position towards other contributing factors.  More specifically, just as the forces of nature tend to pull everything towards a specific center of gravity, the organizational constructs of human thought also tends to bring things together into a sort of layered hierarchy, in which to fundamentally identify the anchoring idea to a specific mechanism or program.  Thus, centralized downtown vicinities often represent the pinnacle of art and progress within entire regions or cities.  Even the delicious tootsie roll finds its rightful place at the center of a tootsie pop in acknowledgement of its importance as the ultimate source of gratification.  Such is the reasoning for getting to the core of any particular issue in order to fully understand the nature of a subject.  Therefore, as the Hot Import Nights extravaganzas are likewise conceived through the passion of human creativity, the format of the show floors often reveal something quite intriguing about a certain emphasis of the organization’s production.  Though dominated by some of the hottest custom cars and modified vehicles in Southern California, a massive tented lounge at the center of the grounds tends to drive a significant amount of intrigue and attention.  Within such a structure would be many of the most talented modeling figures in the automotive scene, all of whom would be recognized as core figures of the entire showcase experience.  Indeed, personalities have always been honored by extravaganzas like HIN WDRIFT Fontana, as they continue to be known as the standard of live entertainment within the constantly evolving scene and industry.

2013 HIN WDRIFT Official Spokesmodels

Blu Pearl would absolutely charm audiences at the HIN WDRIFT Official Spokesmodels Lounge, effectively projecting that passionate expressive allure, which has always teased within a potency of sensual desire.


Brittani Paige would feel right at home at the HIN WDRIFT model lounge, having been stationed upon the centralized attraction before at the 2013 Hot Import Nights Fontana extravaganza.

Kimberly Kinsley has already made quite a reputation for herself as one of the most sensually captivating performers of the Hot Import Nights program.  During the HIN WDRIFT Fontana extravaganza at the Auto Club Speedway, she would once again unleash that scintillating, enticing depth and fluid seductive style, which has illuminated premier stages and event grounds since the beginning of the HIN tour season.


Brilliantly energizing in charming expressive charisma, Lux always establishes a quality of enthusiasm upon a scene or environment, providing genuine, embracing vigor to an overall entertainment experience.  During HIN WDRIFT Fontana at its premier spokesmodel lounge, she would contribute significantly to the festive and spontaneous vibe of the spectacular through a few adorable moments with her cute canine companion.



Elizabeth Tran has essentially become one of the defining import scene figures of the season, having appeared within at least six of the major active showcase circuits within the Southern California region this year.  Returning to the Auto Club Speedway representing  Hot Import Nights at HIN WDRIFT Fontana, Elizabeth would once again mesmerize audiences in that shimmering expressive vivacity and sweet dynamic poise, which has solidified her status as a respected and cherished persona within the scene.

Tiffany Vu thoroughly enthralled the crowds as one of the a premier spokesmodels of this Hot Import Nights sanctioned event, radiating in the serene expressive charm and flowing sensual grace of her stylistic character and talent.

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