November 7, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Premier Spokesmodel Lineups


There are many features to a Formula Drift sanctioned event that seemingly bursts forth in captivating majesty.  For example, the Irwindale Event Center itself would frame such an extraordinary experience within a grandeur and reputation that respects the essence of the nationwide motorsports culture.  The roaring power and style of the premier competitive vehicles would provide for the most obvious source of appeal, as the design and ingenuity of contributing teams and sponsors would find honor and glory within the progressing heat of battle.  Away from the cheering spectators at the grandstands, however, there would be other aspects to the overall extravaganza, which would essentially emulate the thrill and enthusiasm of such an action-packed spectacular.  Take for instance the women of Hankook and Falken Tires, whose presence have been staple attractions within the circuit’s pit area features throughout the course of the current era.  Indeed, they too have become celebrities in their own right, renowned as some of the most alluring and accommodating promotional professionals within their field.  All one has to do is look at the massive lines of people filing in front of them to get a sense of their significance within the overall program.  After all, these women accomplish something that no elaborate trademark can possibly do within the common progression of an era, providing a personality and face to a specific brand culture that breathes life into a particular color combination.




Hankook Tires is a leading developer of technology-driven, high performance tire products, catering to the various needs and lifestyles of the individual driver.



Katelynn Ansari would absolutely dazzle in the Hankook colors during this year’s Formula Drift Irwindale finale, beaming with that vibrant expressive elegance and demonstrative charisma, which has been very much a signature of her success within various genres of the promotional modeling world. 





Primarily known for her promotional contributions within the competitive motorcycle circuits, Jessica Harbour would finally arrive upon the drifting scene as one of the premier spokesmodels for Hankook Tires during the 2013 Formula Drift series.  Sensually mesmerizing in serene, sophisticated brilliance, Jessica fluidly projects a purity of emotive order upon her immediate environment, exuding a pristine energy within refinement that is quite visually immaculate.




Enticingly adorable in soothing expressive vivacity, Erica Nagashima is well known as one of the sweetest personalities to ever don the Hankook Tires uniform, if not already regarded as one of the brand’s most prominent promotional stars of the current era.  Perhaps, its that ease of interaction and that solid camaraderie she has with her fans that tells much of her innate charisma and marketability, all of which has been quite indicative of Hankook’s decision to continue her involvement within their properties.  To the time of this finale, she would be the only woman to repeat two seasons in a row as an official Formula Drift representative for the brand in the last four years. 




Hankook Tires spokesmodel Sadie May definitely charms in a sweet expressive radiance that tends to accentuate the spectacle of a meet-and-greet experience within even the most active of live event atmospheres.  She just exudes a gentleness within genuine enthusiasm, which all the more emphasizes the pure thrill and festivity within the annual Formula Drift Irwindale extravaganza.




Falken Tires utilizes its extensive research and experience within the motorsports realm in developing its quality line of tire products, all of which aim to satisfy a consumer’s preferences for performance, style and dependability.


Sarah McDowd would make a special appearance at this year’s Formula Drift Irwindale spectacular, conducting some behind the scenes duties for Falken Tires though still definitely one of the more illuminating personalities of the event by far.  Brilliantly energizing in shimmering expressive charisma defined in charming intuitive grace, Sarah’s ability to fuse scintillating drama within the comic versatility of her vibrant persona is quite indicative of the depth and passion that exists within her talent.  It’s a certain smoothness and flow she has in front of a camera, ever so haunting in emotive consistency yet genuinely embracing in unbound vivacity.  It’s a style and character that continues to impact the automotive scene today as one of its most cherished and admired figures to ever step upon a live promotional display.




The beautiful Julie Galindo would continue to be a major draw for the Falken Tires brand during the course of the 2013 Formula Drift Irwindale spectacular, effectively alluring the crowds through that innate sophistication and sensual order, which has solidified her status as one of the the drifting circuit’s most elegant promotional figures of the last several seasons.





Katie Carnes would truly captivate through an elegant expressive vivacity, which would contribute fully towards the a certain aura of Southern hospitality at the Formula Drift finale’s featured Falken Tires booth.



Bikini fitness personality Juliana Daniell would absolutely mesmerize audiences at the Falken Tires booth through the vivid, dynamic form of her tantalizing poise and character.



Anyone who’s ever visited a Falken Tires display at a Formula Drift extravaganza is well aware of Randyl Dawn and the depth of her contributions as a live personality within the national drifting scene.  After all, no other active talent today can say she’s been involved within the Formula Drift series continuously for the last five years.  Indeed, Randyl has been a consistent example of what it means to be a premier spokesmodel within the greatest drifting circuit of the Americas, a stature well supported and emphasized by the shimmering expressive sophistication and chic, charming style that does much to distinguish her as an enduring and endearing symbol of class within her genre and field.


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