December 28, 2012

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: Floor Report

The Progressive International Motorcycle Show is definitely the biggest motorcycling showcase circuit in North America, hosting more than ten events every year nationwide.  Its annual visits to one of the West Coast’s premier locales has garnered quite a following from enthusiasts and riders from all around the country, ever so enthralled by the thought of their passions lit in the warmth of the glowing Long Beach horizon.  Well, perhaps that’s true when those wheels are just about to head inside.  It is an indoor event, after all.  For those rides, there would be plenty of time to glimmer, however, under the lights of the vast Long Beach Convention Center exhibit halls, which has hosted some of the most spectacular trade and showcase events in the region. 

For big events such as these, the modeling world takes notice.  This year’s event saw a fine mix of talent stepping forward as brand promoters for some of the most prestigious companies in the motorcycling industry, many of whom were quite recognizable themselves through their works in different scenes, media or fields of performance.  A more in depth look into these talented figures will be provided within the content to follow.  For now, here’s a breakdown of the major points of navigation within the event.

General Show Floor


The show floor, at first glance, was a standard open-spaced set up common at most showcase events with limited restrictions beyond the crowds that could form at any given area.  The layout did, however, create a clear and coherent division between the major manufacturing brands and companies that specialized in accessories, aftermarket mods, and lifestyle products, which maximized the experience for everyone.  This also meant that many of the large product promotion teams were focused on one side of the floor, while smaller teams and individual special guests would be most likely found on the other half.  Cutting across both halves and along the divide, however, would be what many attendees would call pathways to heaven, lines of customized creations for an enthusiast’s viewing pleasure presented by J&P Cycles.  There was truly something for everyone at this show.



The Podium


At this event, the Podium served as a main stage for some of the motorcycling industry’s most renowned experts and advocates.  Issues such as practical application, technique, and the psychology behind riding were all featured subjects at this year’s show.  But after learning all that useful information throughout the course of a multiple day event, a rider starts to wonder how to make that all look good. 

The Ducati Fashion Show has helped riders answer those questions year after year with spirited and dynamic performances that thrill the senses with personality and adventure.  It is definitely the International Motorcycle Show’s premier modeling and fashion segment and will be covered extensively in this coverage.


Coverage of the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show continues next…

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