November 27, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: The Fun Never Stops at the Official Models Lounge


For some live event productions, the time by which a majority of program segments officially conclude can often signal the departure of a substantial amount of event attendees from a specific show floor, as many might understand such a format to be the primary attraction within of the overall entertainment experience.  Within the import scene, however, a different dynamic exists, in which the profession of modeling is so intricately intertwined within the image and culture of its industry that the event’s promotional personalities themselves are given as much of the credit for a certain show’s success as any drifting competition or elaborate custom car display set upon the grounds.  With that said, the Hot Import Nights brand has been well renowned as an innovative force for establishing this unique fusion within automotive lifestyle entertainment, and with its history and identity of being so construed by the masses,  its official spokesmodel lounge tends to be one of the most diverse and comprehensive representations of the glamour and promotional modeling scenes in the nation.  Thus, after all is said and done upon a stage or competitive motorsports course, these figures of charisma and grace remain as the lasting symbols of a magnificent car culture festival.

2013 HIN WDRIFT Fontana Spokesmodel Lounge (Continued)


Angel Nguyen would make her debut into the Hot Import Nights official spokesmodel roster through this featured appearance at HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013.  Elegantly alluring in shimmering expressive depth defined in scintillating passionate form, Angel would definitely showcase that emotive dimension necessary to establish herself further within the realms of creative and promotional print media.



Youngsil Won would bring a little touch of mystery to the HIN WDRIFT Fontana model lounge, emotively penetrating within a hauntingly soothing consistency of focus.



Janis True absolutely mesmerized the crowds of HIN WDRIFT Fontana through that glowing expressive charisma and fluid intuitive poise, which has done much to establish her stature as a rising star within the scene and industry.


Shimmering in serene expressive adorability, Jenna Lane might very well be one of the sweetest personalities active within the scene today, as she always contributes a spirit of genuine enthusiasm towards the constructs and features of any scene or atmosphere.  Returning to the Auto Club Speedway for her second Hot Import Nights Fontana appearance of the 2013 season, she would do her part to turn up the heat amongst some of Southern California’s hottest modified vehicles and custom car designs.



Charlene Marie captivates in a vivacious expressive spirit defined within soothing sensual form, qualities to her talent, which do much to personify that passionate charisma that exudes from the various elements of a Hot Import Nights featured production.






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