December 20, 2013

LA Auto Show 2012: The Ladies of Specialty Car Craft

Every year, Specialty Car Craft presents one of the more magnificent displays at the LA Auto Show with a showcase of fine body work and customizations that intrigue the senses in shimmering silver, celestial white, and sleek midnight tones, scintillating in the charisma of uniform elegance.  To accompany these creative feats, the company often employs a team of representatives who match the style, luxury and sensuality, which is synonymous with the brand. 


Amber Grace hasn’t been at a major automotive showcase event since Bimmerfest Pasadena earlier this year. The time off, however, has done nothing to fade the tantalizing charisma and expressive allure that many have adored throughout the 2012 summer season.


With charming delicate style illuminated in enticing expressional brilliance, Kara Rashae Harper is a fresh new face to the scene with a character that caters to that vibrant enthusiasm integrally associated with the popular automotive showcase circuits of Southern California.

Brianna Nicole returns once again to the LA Auto Show, showing once again that it doesn’t matter whether she’s in Super Mario Red or bedazzling pure white. She is the one in control of the mood. It’s this combination of powerful expressive sensuality and grace of form that makes her one of the most captivating figures at any live event venue.


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