July 1, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Modeling Personalities for Sister Companies


A fine group of promotional representatives is often enough to sustain a sturdy presence within any show floor.  Their established relationship with an audience provides for a certain continuity of interaction, transcending time, place and occasion.  During the first half of the 2013 season, however, Vertini Wheels and Stance Wheels expanded upon this formula, combining their talent pool, reputation and resources into dominating adjacent showcase displays, which dazzled audiences at almost every major car culture extravaganza held within the Southern California region.  The spectacle would eventually arrive upon the grounds of AutoCon LA 2013, where some of the most talented promotional stars of the automotive scene would find themselves once again in support of their favorite company and banner.  Their intoxicating visual glamour alongside the sleek, stylish conceptions of the Vertini and Stance Wheels product lines would prove virtually impossible for any fan or enthusiast to resist.

Vertini Wheels


Vertini Wheels caters to an enthusiast’s preference for style and luxury through the sterling craftsmanship and precision detail of their luxury wheel product line. 


Passionately enrapturing in soothing expressive focus framed upon flowing sensual style, Jessica Weaver allures through an innate depth, defined in the dainty subtleties of her intuitive manner.  It’s this delicate, haunting tranquility, characterized by a certain emotive potency to her presence, that entices through a full force of seductive drama.  Consequently known as one of the hottest breakout talents of the 2013 season, her appearance at AutoCon LA would be her third outing as a premier representative for Vertini Wheels, making her one of the most recognizable brand ambassadors for the company in recent years.






Trixie Gogo charms through an adorable expressive radiance embraced within passionate dynamic poise.  There’s a certain shimmer and flare to her disposition that just beams intriguing seduction into a scene, all the while projecting an innate warmth of character that energizes in vibrant spirit.


Stance Wheels


Stance Wheels presents an innovative line of stylized wheel designs developed to provide an automotive enthusiast with quality options in regards to style, color and fitment.


Sally Mia Kior visually entices through a passionate expressive depth within penetrating focus, which often defines the emotive character of any particular moment.  There’s just a certain attitude and fluid boldness to her manner that inspires an element of potent drama within an atmosphere.  Making her third major event appearance with Stance Wheels at AutoCon LA, this lovely talent is quickly becoming one of the more visible promotional personalities of the brand this season.







Vividly captivating in serene expressive grace defined in bold sensual form, Xena Kai exudes a potent seductive allure which entices through the tempting, sweet subtleties within her charm.  She just presents a certain emotive dimension that intrigues in immersing depth and mystery, a quality to her talent which continues to mesmerize fans and enthusiasts within the scene.


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