November 10, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Promotional Modeling Fusion


Success within the promotional modeling industry is often a function of consistency and experience, as personalities steadily rise from relative obscurity to become known as some of the top figures within their industry.  To many, the question is how do they actually get to that point, in which they become demanded within their pure popularly and relevance?  Well, when dealing with an scene fundamentally linked with media and entertainment, one’s personal branding becomes all that more important.  The product one presents and the people around them during the process become key to how they are perceived by the masses.  Employing companies study this dynamic to provide them with a measure of effectiveness in regards to the potential of that persona within their roster.  For those talented enough to find themselves chosen to join up, it could very well be the start of an interesting experience, as some would find themselves beside the scene’s hottest superstars while looking to rise as professionals on their own merits.   At Formula Drift Irwindale, such a mechanism would be observable from the mix of potential within each featured team, as the established stars of today would collaborate with aspiring personas on their way in a fine fusion of style, character and sensual intrigue.



Nexen Tire is fundamentally driven by a passion for the future, characterized in a dedication towards innovation and performance that influences the constant evolution of its tire products.


Camille E. would look quite stunning in the Nexen colors during the Formula Drift Irwindale extravaganza, charming with an enticing expressive radiance and glamorous natural allure, which made everyone feel all that more welcome at her station.



Erica Leong would return as a premier Nexen Tires spokesmodel during the Formula Drift Irwindale season finale, now considered one of the brand’s more experienced active ambassadors upon the span of the entire West Coast region.  Sensually stunning in shimmering expressive elegance framed upon vibrant, tantalizing poise, Erica truly possesses that embracing charm and sophistication, which may benefit the company well into its future.




Nitto Tires aims to satisfy a driver’s preferences for design and engineering through its varied line of quality tested tire products.
Soothingly alluring in passionate expressive serenity defined in sensual dynamic style, Beckie Joon utterly mesmerizes in a subtle consistency of depth that seduces ever so gently through the finesse of her character.  Such is a dramatic element to her talent that infuses thematic dimension upon her environment, making her an irresistible force upon any form of live spectacular.  Representing Nitto Tires during the Formula Drift finale, Beckie would find herself surrounded by attendees and dedicated fans, as she would offer signed special edition posters for people to keep as reminders of this action packed championship drifting event.



Izzy Poulin would make her major automotive circuit debut upon the grounds of Irwindale Event Center, acting as a new promotional personality for Nitto Tires at the Formula Drift final fight finale.  Vibrantly intoxicating in sweet expressive charisma framed upon serene sensual control, Izzy truly establishes a unique emotive synergy within the qualities of her presence and character, one that is quite smooth in stylistic flavor yet bold in an enthusiasm for adventure.  It’s a freshness and optimism that breathes captivating depth within an environment through a certain flow and passion within focus and intuitive allure.  Such are dimensions to her talent that could be well utilized within concepts celebrating dynamic themes within active sports and fitness atmospheres.






Chicly adorable in soothing expressive brilliance framed upon sophisticated, delicate form, Sandra Wong has essentially become Nitto’s most recognized spokesmodel in the West Coast region, returning to the grounds of Formula Drift Irwindale, where she first donned the brand’s colors one year ago.  The path of her success within the import and motorsports scenes has since been decorated by various title wins and magazine features with an ever growing fan base that always appreciates the time she allocates within every scheduled live event appearance.  It’s this general regard for her fans within the sweetness of class that truly projects this fundamental essence of ambassadorship, a true quality of her character that has done much to make the Nitto brand stronger towards an ever expanding and dedicated audience.



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