November 9, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Grid Girls Engage the Crowds


There’s something quite kinetic about a Formula Drift finale experience that just gets everything and everyone moving.  Perhaps, it’s influenced by the speed and momentum of those competitive modified vehicles, seemingly drifting upon the pavement with all that smoke billowing.  Maybe, it’s the consistent rush and flow of a diverse and dedicated crowd, eager to meet a driver at a signing booth upon the pits.  Indeed, within the hustle and bustle of the occasion and moment, the energy just seemed all that more difficult to constrict.  In recognition and awareness of the dynamic environment before them, vendors would adapt to the synergies within the occasion, emphasizing the cohesion of marketing strategies within entertainment to effectively compliment the thrill of the situation.  Therefore, it becomes less about the image an entity conveys towards a crowd or captive audience and more about a brand’s quality of effective engagement, infused upon the overall experience.  Such has always highlighted the significance of talented brand ambassadors within the Formula Drift Irwindale spectacular.  After all, these quality professionals are not solely content upon their stations but willing to be amongst the crowds as proactive entertainers.


Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drink is a world renowned producer of energy drinks, driven and inspired by the passion of dreamers everywhere to realize their goals and ambitions within various fields of competition, entertainment and performance.


Ana Cheri captivates in a sleek expressive vivacity defined in scintillating sensual control, enrapturing qualities to her character that project an aura of glamour upon the immediate atmosphere.  As one of the premier Formula Drift tour personalities for Monster Energy this year, Ana would comment upon the various competition cars of the series as the most appealing aspects of her travels this season.







Monster Energy spokesmodel and fashion entrepreneur Ashley Michaelsen brought some addition sunshine to the Formula Drift Irwindale extravaganza, beaming with that charismatic brilliance and vibrant poise, which would do much to heighten a nostalgia for the summer season.  On the verge of completing the a promotional tour within the nation’s most prestigious drifting circuit, she would especially credit the various people and fans who have made the entire journey such an enjoyable experience.




Alpinestars is a leading developer of high performance protective wear, designed towards the safety and comfort of motorsports and action sports practitioners.
During the Formula Drift Irwindale finale, Danielle Souza would absolutely charm the crowds through that same embracing enthusiasm and dynamic sensual form, which has made her quite an energizing figure within several automotive sporting extravaganzas this year.  She just possesses a certain spontaneity within order that projects genuine character upon keen aesthetic ability.  Such emotive dimension could prove quite effective within promotional campaigns, requiring a creative depth that seemingly bursts forth from within a page. 






Elegantly alluring in charming expressive radiance defined in intuitive dainty style, Leeann Souza exhibits a quality of sophistication and control, which may very well allude to her background in runway modeling.  There’s just this style within the lines of her poise and presence that infuses a certain richness of allure upon her environment.


Achilles Radial

Achilles Radial is an international producer of high quality performance tire products, fundamentally influenced by a dedication towards constant innovation and quality engineered expertise.

Ashley Twomey would completely allure the audiences at Formula Drift Irwindale as a premier umbrella girl for Achilles Radial, beaming with a pristine charisma and vivacious grace that would do much to illuminate the show floor atmosphere.  She just has this ability to project such impeccable serenity despite the dynamic nature of her surrounding environment.  It’s a soothing immaculate glow that commands the prevailing themes of a moment, seemingly morphing them to the constructs of her own disposition.





Arley Elizabeth would make a successful return upon the grounds of Formula Drift Irwindale, effectively reprising her role as a premier spokesmodel for Achilles Radial for the duration of the season finale event.  Elegantly charming in shimmering expressive depth framed upon smooth energizing charisma,  Arley always presents herself with a quality of spirit within grace, which emphasizes the festivity and prestige of a live event occasion.  As a dedicated professional never phased by situation or condition, she always strives to provide fans with a memorable experience, one characterized in well placed antics and cute funny faced theatrics to provide additional color to the overall atmosphere.



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