November 11, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Motorsport Models and Media Sweethearts


The final fight at the Irwindale Event Center is universally considered the pinnacle of the American drifting scene experience, as it is the last of seven action packed rounds held all around the nation to determine the next Formula Drift series champion.  Therefore, because of the prestige and significance of the occasion, participating motorsport entities often find it necessary to maximize their various promotional efforts, effectively accentuating their displays within the full force and individuality of their distinct flare and dedicated brand cultures.  Thus, certain custom car designs find prominence within featured displays, as they showcase the implementation of premier company products.  Even trademarks might tower high as a windblown signature or inflated creature, which brings out the imagination behind the company's creative drive.  No matter how elaborate the setup, however, it really comes down to the quality of character that is presented live for the observation of the audience.  Such would prompt the inclusion of some of the scene’s top entertainment figures who would charm through the event’s final and closing hours.


Black Magic / Jotech Motorsports

Black Magic Car Care specializes in quality automotive detailing products, which aim to provide that optimal aesthetic gleam to an enthusiast’s modified vehicle or custom car design.

Jotech Motorsports is dedicated to providing aftermarket consumers with quality high performance upgrade options, in which to realize a vehicle’s competitive and stylistic potential.


Keiko Alingas would make a splendid appearance at the Black Magic and Jotech Motorsports booth, operating as a premier promotional personality for both of the brands during the Formula Drift Irwindale finale.  Enticingly charming in glowing expressive elegance embraced in flowing sensual style, Keiko definitely enriches an atmosphere through a subtle seductive consistency of focus that bursts ever so adorably in spirit and refinement.  Such are facets to her persona, which suggest a level of charisma for any form of broadcast programming, well emphasized in her current role as a primary segment host of the tech news website Gear Addix.



Soothingly radiant in shimmering expressive serenity framed upon flowing intuitive grace, Luna Rose exhibits a certain stylistic flow and finesse that mesmerizes in passionate emotive intrigue.  There’s just this luster to her process that accentuates a scene in pristine vivacity, conveying spirit within a depth of sensuality.  Such are qualities to her talent, which would thrill crowds and inspired audiences upon the grounds of the Formula Drift Irwindale finale. 



Motegi Racing

Motegi Racing exemplifies a dedicated brand culture geared towards performance engineering within its quality line of wheel products.

Motorsports queen and reality show personality Michelle Yee would be found hanging out at Motegi Racing booth during the Formula Drift Irwindale finale, effectively captivating audiences through that vivacious spirit and embracing professionalism that has sustained her elite status within the scene for several years.



Mishimoto thrives in its reputation for developing a quality line of automotive cooling products, suited towards the conditions of any level of vehicular activity and performance.

The gorgeous Danielle Lo would eventually find her station alongside Mishimoto’s famed giant inflatable penguin, effectively making her third consecutive appearance upon the grounds of the annual Formula Drift Irwindale finale.  Elegantly charming in sweet expressive charisma defined in shimmering delicate poise, Danielle would certainly infuse an air of rich sophistication upon her section of the show floor, despite the colorful themes that would prevail within her immediate environment.


K1 Speed

K1 Speed offers indoor go kart racing within their various facilities across the country, promoting a brand of motorsports entertainment suitable for the entire family.


Laura Baker would once again return to her familiar post as a premier spokesmodel for K1 Speed at the Formula Drift Irwindale finale.  Adorably embracing in smooth expressive spirit, Laura always presents a quality of character and charisma that effectively captures the affections of even the most preoccupied of audiences.



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