November 6, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Motorsports Action and Promo Girl Attraction


Upon a venue widely hailed as the nation’s official “House of Drift,” Formula Drift would once again present a field of the most skilled and courageous drivers from around the world in a final fight to determine the best drifting superstar of the 2013 season.  Audiences entering the gates of the renowned Irwindale Event Center would find much of their expectations satisfied during the course of the celebrated competitive finale.  Such would be characterized in a captivating visual experience immersed in jaw-dropping drama and insane precision, all of which highlight the extraordinary feats that find a certain timeless prominence within one’s memory and recollection.  It’s all about that passion and heat of adrenaline.  It’s a certain yearning towards that realization of ambition.  Thus, within all that built-up, dreamy-eyed enthusiasm often comes a certain susceptibility towards fantasy and imagination.  After all, upon witnessing some of the most amazing drivers seemingly defying the constructs of one’s everyday reality, is it really that odd to see some of the most extraordinary promotional models actively involved within the vicinity?  It all just fits somehow within such an environment of prestige and festivity, altogether exemplifying the wonder and awe within the culture of professional drifting.


SPOCOM is a leading entertainment production brand focused upon those elements of creativity and character, which fundamentally define the custom car and motorsports cultures worldwide.  The company’s contributions towards the overall Formula Drift experience has already been well documented throughout the years, significantly influenced by the presence of the automotive scene’s hottest and most promising modeling stars.


There really isn’t a better way to start off a show than to have import scene superstar Elizabeth Tran providing those first few moments of hilarity within a live event experience.  Vibrantly charismatic in sweet expressive vivacity framed upon soothing sensual style, Elizabeth truly exemplifies within her very own being that dimension, which thrives within the automotive custom culture.  It’s a creative spirit innately characterized by the duality of embracing enthusiasm and intuitive artistry, all of which truly emphasize her innate talent for connecting with an audience upon any construct or theme of environment.  Such encompassing ability has always been admired and celebrated by the organizers of SPOCOM throughout the seasons, an appreciation well expressed in her featured status with the brand at Formula Drift Irwindale this year.





Erin Kanae would make her automotive scene debut at this year’s Formula Drift Irwindale extravaganza, effortlessly exhibiting a vibrancy and versatility within character, which has the tendency to bring a smile upon anyone’s face.  Brilliantly charming in pristine expressive charisma, Erin offers something quite raw and refreshing to a live event experience, effectively exemplified through the unbound enthusiasm and fluid, demonstrative humor that she is quite capable of delivering upon any given moment.  She just projects a true spark and instinct for entertainment that truly compliments the SPOCOM brand culture.




Kay Bae is definitely one of the import and glamour scene’s most alluring promotional stars, possessing a shimmering expressive elegance within sensual, statuesque poise that infuses a depth of seductive style upon the immediate atmosphere.  She just beams with a certain scintillating order and brilliance that is stylistically immaculate yet enticingly passionate, facets to her persona, which intricately exemplify her worth within thematically rich compositions of glamour and fashion.  Throughout her career, Kay Bae has always maintained a steady relationship with the SPOCOM entertainment brand, a professional affiliation that she would continue to honor through this featured appearance at Formula Drift Irwindale.





Enticingly smooth in sleek expressive serenity embraced within sophisticated, delicate form, Sandra Marie would make quite a first impression at this year’s Formula Drift Irwindale spectacular, representing automotive showcase powerhouse SPOCOM for the duration of the show.  She has an appeal that just beams with a certain consistency of focus and subtle conviction as to soothe within the elegant luster of passionate refinement.  Thus, her inclusion within the company’s Formula Drift promotional roster would effectively exemplify SPOCOM’s continued dedication to recruiting some of the most versatile talents within the modeling industry today, a reputation which has allowed the brand to further its dominance within the realms of automotive lifestyle entertainment throughout the years.



Turbonetics is dedicated to developing quality forced induction systems, pressure control components and turbocharges, all with a solid emphasis upon customer satisfaction firmly in mind.  During the 2013 Formula Drift Finals at the Irwindale Event Center, the company would effectively enliven the atmosphere around their booth through the inclusion of two of GXS Motorsports’ hottest promotional figures.


At this year’s Formula Drift Irwindale finale, Inga Bespalovaite would make her first major event appearance as an official GXS Motorsports talent while proudly endorsing the Turbonetics brand throughout the course of the premier season ending extravaganza.  Sensually stunning in vivid expressive depth formed upon dynamic intuitive style, Inga truly presents a keen instinct and process towards effectively establishing a specific theme and mood within a scene or environment.  Such is a dramatic flavor to her talent, which tells much of her comprehension and congruency within emotive concepts of interpretive art and glamour.







Genuinely charming in sweet, embracing vivacity, Kelly Gebh truly personifies the spirit of the GXS Motorsports brand culture, one emphasized within a gracious enthusiasm and a constant dedication towards the fans, which, in turn, highlights the festivity and excitement of a live Formula Drift extravaganza.  Representing Turbonetics during the course of the drifting circuit season finale, Kelly would continue to establish herself as one of the most recognizable and visible figures of her promotional troupe this year, even going so far as to unleash her special edition eyelashes to essentially express her pride for her brand’s colors.



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