November 8, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Talented Models in the House


Unlike some other scenes in the modeling industry, the automotive showcase realms tend to celebrate an image less dependent upon a certain formula of behavior.  In fact, it absolutely embraces a spirit that honors that courageous individuality within one’s nature.  Thus, uniformity is often a rare phenomenon within such a dynamic environment, except for the sight of those matching suits and threads that place brands within the spotlight of the moment.  What’s being referred to in this case, however, goes a bit deeper than objective perception.  It’s a certain thrill, charisma, and energy for life, which breathes spontaneity within every situation.  So, as the Formula Drift tour would proceed into Irwindale for its annual season finale, the most alluring models would unleash that brilliance within their personas to make the experience all that more inviting.



Whiteline is a dedicated to developing quality automotive suspension components, geared towards optimal handling and efficiency within any field of performance.


Dennii would energize visitors of the Whiteline booth during the Formula Drift finale spectacular, beaming with that vivacious expressive charm that readily exudes from within her character.  As it turns out, such enthusiasm is essentially fueled by an innate passion towards the drifting scene itself, as she would speak fondly about her own S13 Coupe and her ambitions within the Pro-Am circuit.



Rehv Clothing effectively translates the style and attitude of the automotive culture within a unique line of apparel and clothing accessories.

Elegantly radiant in shimmering expressive depth framed upon flowing statuesque style, Marissa Hiroko just conveys such captivating refinement, which soothes the mood within her immediate environment.  It’s a certain sophistication and consistency of character that influences its own theme within any moment, providing an added dimension of aesthetic expression within subtle, meaningful direction.  During the Formula Drift Irwindale season finale, she would deliver her own take on the Rehv brand culture, as she would emphasize its products' inherent charm and charisma upon the variety of her own creative nature.




Adorably enticing in dynamic expressive charisma defined in soothing sensual poise, Brittani Paige has truly developed into one of the most versatile talents within her field, possessing that visual style and infectious energy, which makes her an effective draw within any atmosphere.  With an ever expanding resume, which now includes a major modeling circuit title, she has truly established herself as an ever evolving force within the industry, one that is sure to make waves in future.  Perhaps, much of this has to do with the honor and respect that she has for the promotional modeling profession, mentioning her enthusiasm of learning about various products and services that define her employing companies and organizations.  It’s a proactive attitude and passion for hard work that will do much to maximize her opportunities, as she progresses onward towards more interesting milestones as a popular promotional personality.



Extreme Dimensions


Extreme Dimensions offers a fine selection of quality aerodynamics, in which to accentuate the exterior style and character of one’s cherished custom car or modified vehicle.


Claudia Alan would make her first appearance at the Formula Drift Irwindale finale, doing her part to promote the Extreme Dimensions brand to all the fans and enthusiasts in attendance.  Charmingly alluring in pristine expressive vivacity embraced in spirited intuitive grace, Claudia is probably one of the most adorable personalities in the automotive show circuits today.  She just beams with this subtle depth of serenity that has this ability to burst in inspiring emotive clarity.  It’s that purity of character and embracing amiability that essentially blesses her with an ever expansive following.  Thus, as people continue to become further acquainted with her adventures in the industry, questions do arise in further curiosity.  Eventually, that all important question would be raised to the surprise of her own hilarity.   What exactly is a “bunnyboo,” as the meaning remains mysterious yetsweet upon relaying?  To this point, it was just Claudia’s amusing little hash tag for her fans to be alerted to her social networking.  Of course, it would be discovered she has a thing for bunnies, a fact she would fondly admit during the day.  She just wanted to equate this love towards her appreciation for the people who have supported her along the way.


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