October 7, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: California Girls Under the Sunlight


Underneath the brilliant blue skies with the gleaming waters of the Pacific nearby, one can’t help but become completely immersed in that optimism and enthusiasm that defines the California summertime experience.  A major part of this has to deal with an allure for that ideal West Coast beauty, a concept well established within popular media throughout the course of contemporary history.  It’s these California girls that seemingly take the spotlight within this particular season, whether identified as those stunning bikini-clad regulars upon the vibrant coastal sands or those figures of flowing grace gliding along the walk.  In many ways, they personify that spirit and independence which fundamentally characterizes the mood of this dynamic summer culture.  Likewise, the import scene interprets this very same thrill for poise and personality through the entertainment figures who frequent its community, all of whom present a distinct style and character which essentially compliments the detail and flare of the custom cars and modified vehicles that define their atmosphere.  With a strong import scene contingent active within the state, the automotive enthusiast culture and these women who help inspire it all are very much a part of California’s lifestyle narrative, one which would have a significant episode upon the grounds of Huntington State Beach for the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show extravaganza.

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013 Official Models Lounge (Continued)

The gorgeous Janis True would return for her second consecutive year at the Auto Gallery Car Show, an event which effectively introduced her to the broad based car culture community in the previous season.  Alluringly brilliant in charming expressive vivacity framed upon sleek sensual poise, this Seattle-based talent definitely conveys a certain vibrant flare within an elegant quality of order that emphasizes a certain stylistic duality between sophistication and spirit.  She might not be a California girl on paper, but she definitely possesses that dimension that has allowed her to build and sustain her fan base along the span of the entire West Coast region, including those premier scenes within the Golden State.






Maria Sosa would make her major show circuit debut at this year’s Auto Gallery Car Show, exemplifying a passionate consistency of focus and intuitive seductive form, which might prove quite valuable within creatively conceived compositions of glamour and car culture themed photography.



Jay Ferrer charms through a sweet expressive radiance and energizing grace that always finds relevance within the most festive of environments.





As one featured stage announcer would eloquently point out during the show, a person would have to be living under a rock somewhere to be unacquainted with the star power of Sandra Wong.  With multiple features within one of the scenes top publications along with an ever consistent presence within prominent automotive showcase extravaganzas, Sandra has effectively created for herself one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases within the industry.  Perhaps, such a following is indicative of her popular status as a model of the masses, always presenting herself with a class and enthusiasm that contributes embracing warmth towards any live event experience.  Matched with her keen instinct for style and fashion, as one of the best dressed personas within the automotive scenes today, Sandra is and will continue to be a force within this current era of the industry.






Amanda Kerr is a true California girl at heart, proudly raised and currently residing within the Huntington Beach city limits with an inherent affinity and appreciation for the coastal lifestyle.  Her beaming expressive elegance and scintillating statuesque style has always done much to accentuate such an energizing atmosphere, establishing a quality of vivacious charm within aesthetic intrigue that flows effortlessly through the intuitive grace and control of her creative process.  With a steadily building resume within the realms of live promotion and fashion, Amanda presents that potential to progress even further within various genres of the industry while continuing to be a significant factor within automotive showcase extravaganzas such as the Auto Gallery Car Show.



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