November 22, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013: Car Culture Ladies on the Move


The Auto Club Speedway would essentially find itself bustling with activity, as the same people who brought Hot Import Nights to the establishment a few months prior would initiate their program once again upon its famed event grounds.  Now set in conjunction with a sanctioned WDRIFT America circuit competition, the unique motorsports and vehicle showcase production would provide for a scintillating live experience, spanning the action and drama of a comprehensive automotive lifestyle festival.  Thus, within the excitement of any given moment, staying in one spot during the course of the event would become a bit impractical as the fundamental spirit behind the multifaceted spectacular innately encouraged a full immersion into the distinct aspects of the car culture phenomenon.  Therefore, as the audiences would indulge in the thrills of the many splendid attractions on the show floor, participating companies would likewise embrace the flow and character of the dynamic atmosphere, deploying their own gorgeous troupes of promotional personalities to effectively accentuate their contributions to the overall entertainment experience.


So Sweet

So Sweet specializes in the design of scented car tag products, aimed towards effectively expressing the passion and lifestyle of an individual.
Mimi Nguyen thoroughly contributed to the enticing gleam of the nighttime extravaganza, representing So Sweet Car Tags for the duration of the 2013 HIN WDRIFT Fontana festival.  Passionately radiant in shimmering expressive adorability framed upon soothing sensual poise, Mimi would truly exude a potency of soothing charisma and sensuality, which would garner attention from every corner of the show floor.  In fact, the people at Adventus Forged would end up offering her a complimentary cap for the crowds she would establish upon their featured wheel displays.



Auto Fusion

The luminous beacon that was the Adventus Forged setup proved to be quite useful for models and photographers looking to shine some light upon the situation.

Eliza Costello would make her first appearance at a Southern California Hot Import Nights event, proudly representing Auto Fusion throughout the entire expanse of the HIN WDRIFT Fontana show grounds.  Brilliantly alluring in enthralling expressive vivacity defined in vibrant sensual form, Eliza just exudes a pristine charm within subtle passionate intuition, which seduces ever so sweetly within a genuine grace of order.  It’s this “girl next door” persona, which would attract audiences instantaneously upon the show floor, conveniently matched with a style of wardrobe, which would emphasize much of that energizing, casual appeal.

At HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013, Geraldine So would fully utilize her innate soothing brilliance and sensual instinct to get everyone on the Auto Fusion bandwagon.



Jennifer Irene Gonzalez Working the Stage

Jennifer Irene Gonzalez would establish her own booth upon the Hot Import Nights show floor, well indicative of her distinguished accomplishments as an internationally known magazine cover girl within several genres of the modeling industry.  Despite the demand that may come with all that success, she still maintains a certain proximity with her fans and followers that allows them to gain a more complete understanding of the personality behind the talent.  Take, for example, her appearance at this year’s HIN WDRIFT Fontana Spokesmodel Pageant, where she would energize the crowds within the depths of her charisma to capture a top three finalist spot within the competition.  One could easily see that she was in her element just connecting directly with a live vibrant audience.  Afterwards, her pure enthusiasm for her supporters back stage, complete with massive high fives and spirited embraces, would tell much of her motivation as a dedicated artist and entertainer.

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