October 22, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Food, Fun and Fashion Models

The Market Place in Tustin would host a significant portion of the Style Week OC program in 2013, providing avid shoppers and fashion aficionados with the benefit of certain special perks to the commonly offered in-store experience.  As a gesture of appreciation towards their customers’ continued support over the years, several stores within the center would offer fresh sweets and treats at entry with a refreshing glass of ice cold cucumber water to help compliment an appetite.  In addition, live professional DJs would establish the mood of a unique shopping atmosphere through a variety of beats and mixes that would keep the party rocking throughout the event’s scheduled hours.  If that wasn’t enough, photo booths would also be readily available for the crowds to capture those special memories while immersed in that intrigue for fashion and festivity.  Indeed, the afternoon would already provide for an all encompassing quality of entertainment that many would not soon forget.  For some others, however, the prospect of actually being face-to-face with the personas of the fashion modeling industry would do much to further elevate the enthusiasm within the Style Week OC phenomenon.



Project Runway model Holly Ridings brings a lot of joy into her profession, bursting with an unbound enthusiasm and charm that just gets one excited about the possibilities of a featured fashion extravaganza.  As an artist, she brings a certain depth of emotive consistency within control that is stylistically fluid yet bold, effectively instilling a certain quality of drama within any given moment or environment.  Such inspiring ability would do much to emphasize the charisma and style within this layered ensemble by Loehmann’s, while also proving quite valuable within the presentations of the Cadillac Couture Design Competitions throughout the course of Style Week OC.




Ragan would dazzle in this Loehmann’s brand featured outfit, emphasizing its sleek style and attitude of the company’s versatile and fashionable arrangements.


Jas A. would absolutely emulate that intriguing duality of electricity and tranquility within this featured long sleeve top by Loehmann’s, conveying a soothing refinement within focus that breathes a subtle yet potent quality of allure upon the immediate atmosphere.



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