October 23, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: A Fashion Island Filled with Models


As the week-long spectacular progressed ever closer towards its finale, Style Week OC would gradually shift its major programs and presentations upon the grounds of Fashion Island, well renowned as the largest shopping destination within the luxurious city limits of Newport Beach.  With the stage set upon the courtyard of the center’s Neiman Marcus and Bloomindale’s anchor stores, the anticipation for a whole new round of inspiring fashion would effectively fill the atmosphere, as spectators pondered about the marvelous sights that would soon enough glide upon the highlighted runway.  First on the schedule within this final weekend of the 2013 Style Week OC celebration would be the Fashion Island Collection Runway Show, featuring the designs and ensembles of many of the top clothing retailers in the nation.  Once again, the beautiful runway talents of the fashion scene would get their cue to enter the spotlight in front of an attentive live audience in an effort to effectively convey the character and style of each presenting brand towards a sea of probable customers and consumers.


2013 Fashion Island Collection Runway Show

Bloomingdale’s emphasized a certain passion within elegance through the dynamic colors and shimmering shades within it’s premier design lineup.
Amber Lindauer set the mood upon Fashion Island’s Style Week OC runway, beaming in exceptional sophistication and form in this flirty pink dress and coat ensemble presented by Bloomingdale’s.
Bianca Palmerin would lend her talents to the Fashion Island runway for this portion of the Style Week OC festival, effectively utilizing her soothing depth of style and character to accentuate the bold refinement and power within this Bloomingdale’s featured outfit.




Halston Heritage would have its turn upon the runway to showcase its soothing variety of ensembles to the audience, all of which ranged from scintillating expressions of practical elegance to the tempest of color within conceptualized independence.
Ever so brilliant in impeccable charm and stylistic order, Kalyn Hemphill (above) would absolutely shimmer in the refinement and finesse of this Halston Heritage dress during the Style Week OC collection presentation at Fashion Island.
Brianna Barnes would once again establish that charismatic glow upon the Style Week OC runway, all the while adorned in the chicly framed metallic luster of this premier Halston Heritage creation.
Jas A. (above) would be all business during this portion of the Style Week OC program, embracing the refinement and elegance within this stunningly sleek ensemble by Halston Heritage
Amber Lindauer would continue to entrance the crowds during this Style Week OC runway spectacular, effectively framing this abstract tempest of color by Halston Heritage upon the order and control of her poise and process.
Bianca Palmerin would provide inspiring dimension to this this year’s Style Week OC collection runway show, effectively accentuating the flow and grace of this Halston Heritage dress design within the emotive power and dramatic conviction that readily exudes from her being.



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