November 1, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: The Fashionable Women of the After Party


As the stage cleared with the general audiences finally departing in search of their parking spots, the colorful cushioned lounges behind the stage would suddenly enliven in personality, as a harmony of string and percussion would begin to play to the soothing lights of the cool evening atmosphere.  Indeed, such sights and sounds would characterize the setting and mood of the FABULOUS Soiree’s special after party celebration within the Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s courtyard at Fashion Island.  Complete with delicious hors d’oeuvres and specialty beverages, the premier gala would provide for a festive and glamorously styled environment, in which VIP guests would be given the opportunity to converse and interact with the premier designers and fashion industry professionals who have been so intricately involved with the progression of this year’s Style Week OC presentations.  Of all the elements within the event, the featured media wall would provide for much of the action during the evening, as various press outlets would finally get a chance to get one-on-one with some of these talented minds and personalities.  Thus, to effectively conclude this year’s Style Week OC coverage for the purposes of this modeling industry news journal, the following will provide a fond behind-the-scenes look at some of Southern California’s current runway superstars along with final insights into the quality of their contributions to this weeklong festival and program.


FABULOUS Soiree After Party

Project Runway model Amanda Fields was as giddy as a schoolgirl in this prize winning Cadillac Couture ensemble by Blake Patterson.  There was just something about the flow of the material that got her constantly in the groove for some charming shenanigans with guests and media.  Such would exemplify a level of enthusiasm that would influence her popularity at the media wall throughout the evening.




Kerry Doyle dazzles in a soothing expressive elegance framed upon scintillating delicate grace, qualities to her talent, which would truly accentuate the sleek class of this featured Judith Larrea ensemble.  Such would essentially translate within a subtle sweetness and charm to her character, effortlessly infusing a quality of refinement and professionalism from that very first moment of acquaintance.


Bianca Palmerin always allures in a vivid dramatic depth that is emotively moving within the context or constructs of any theme or environment.  Whether it be in this Mohamed Salaheldin ensemble for the 2013 Style Week OC celebration or sporting some debuting threads during last year’s Fashion’s Night Out LA experience, Bianca always finds a certain gear within her creative process that effectively highlights the inspiration within the details of any featured design concept.


Attendees of the Market Place style closets in Tustin would be glad to get their second look at the beautiful Holly Ridings upon arriving at the Fashion Island presentations on the very same day.  After all, Holly has essentially been the face of the festival this season, being the only modeling talent to have been featured at all three participating venues of the 2013 Style Week OC program.  During the after party, Holly would once again emphasize her innate emotive intensity within statuesque dynamicity, a dimension to her talent, which effortlessly infuses an air of aesthetic intrigue upon the immediate atmosphere.  However, it was probably the bursting smiles and laughter that told infinitely more about the person, one very much appreciative of the art and personality that thrives within the fashion scene and community.


Zdenka Sutton establishes a quality of passionate sophistication upon any scene or environment, effectively expressed through a soothing consistency of focus and delicate, dainty style, which does much to highlight the romanticism of this featured creation by Ericka Corona. 


Brianna Barnes (center) has been known throughout the program as one of the most elegantly charismatic figures on the Style Week OC collection runways.  There’s just this certain twinkle in her eye that breathes a little mischief in the mind, while also quite soothing within the calm luster of refinement and control.  During the course of the festival’s after party, however, it became quite apparent that the vivacity within that on-stage persona was the true defining trait of her genuine nature, as her animated enthusiasm and comedic instincts would fully showcase an innate propensity to entertain within every opportune moment.  Perhaps, such is a just a reflection of her background as a spirited performance artist, as she has been known to dabble within the various genres of acting throughout the course of her young career.  However, it could very well be just as indicative of her role as an adventurer, an element of her identity well documented within multiple episodes of the traveling themed television series Globe Trekker.


Brianna’s partner in crime during the party would be Amber Lindauer (left), whose visual order and stylistic grace would effectively enrich the experiences within several premier segments of the premier fashion extravaganza this year.  Together, the two fashion starlets would do much to get everyone involved in the festivities of the evening, as exemplified by this special moment with designer Bradon McDonald at the official Style Week OC media wall.




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