February 4, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Beauties at the Booths (Part 2)


The Los Angeles Fit Expo, being the premier fitness event in Southern California, brings some of the most amazing fitness talent from across the country into one venue. Upon the floor, a fan and enthusiast would be pleased to see their favorite magazine cover model or bikini figure competitor standing just a few steps away, offering him or her a sample of a popular brand product.

Pro Tan Competition


Since 1987, Pro Tan Competition has been serving the competitive fitness community with trusted tanning products that naturally compliment the grace and form of a dedicated athlete.  To spotlight the true strength of their brand, Team Pro Tan brought along a couple of fitness superstars who were proud to hoist their banner. 

Nicole Moneer Guerrero is a multi-time fitness cover model and competition winner achieving numerous prestigious championships and honors like the Ms. Bikini Classic Universe title in 2009.  A regular presence at the Los Angeles Fit Expo, Nicole is always one of the most approachable personalities at the event and always shines with an expressive brilliance that enlivens an atmosphere. 

Andrea Lynn Miele is a National NPC Bikini pro who totally responds to a camera well.  She conveys such great emotive depth within focus that one could truly envision her likeness on a national ad campaign.  There’s just this force of character in her expressive quality that is hard to turn away from.

Muscle Milk

Muscle Milk provides a variety of shakes, bars and powders balanced with the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins in which to assist a dedicated athlete in optimizing their potential for prolonged, sustained performance. 

Casey Lee was letting everybody know what does her body good, proudly showing off the Muscle Milk brand for all to see.  An absolute sweet presence upon the show floor that day, the IFBB Bikini competitor had to fill up her samples quite frequently since nobody could seem to walk away from that smile.

IFBB Bikini Pro Janelle Saitone-McGuire returned once again to the Fit Expo looking as ravishing as ever with an always embracing disposition that uplifts any event attendee with a warm sense of welcome.

NLA Performance

NLA Performance has utilized the intricacies of biochemical science to develop a line of supplement products which enhance both energy and recovery potential, while improving efficiency on the cardiovascular level, promising to set an athlete on a steady progression toward increased fitness.

Romana De Angelis was having fun out there, meeting and greeting attendees at her booth.  The prospect of an impromptu photo op got her to laugh a bit, as she divulged that she wasn’t actually a fitness pro.  She could have fooled anyone though.

Pro Fight Supplements

Pro Fight Supplements has created a line of products that utilize a variety of natural nutritional ingredients, scientifically developed for the benefit of the extreme strength and endurance athlete.  To help in their promotional campaign at the expo, the company employed a couple of fitness pros to drive the brand message home to their audience.

IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Arevalo dazzles with the glowing allure of sweet sensuality that is utterly captivating both live and within photography.  All could sense this purity of expressive character that matches most perceptions of a charming pageant beauty.


Victoria Popoff is another fitness pro who shines with a delightful natural charisma.  There’s just a soothing radiance inherent within her expressive character that intrigues with personable warmth and class, which, in turn, reflect her nature as a responsive and attentive brand specialist, especially effective during the consuming chaos of a crowded and busy event floor.

Maji Sports

The MajiMat is an innovative product developed by Maji Sports for the purpose of providing maximum long-term functional support to a passionate yoga practitioner and enthusiast.

Product specialist Judi added a touch of visual serenity and charm to the Maji Sports display.

VPX Sports Nutrition

VPX Sports Nutrition is a leading producer of high quality, sports nutrition supplements, offering premium energy boosting, fat-burning, and muscle-building options within their vast repertoire of products.

With their shimmering, vibrant outfits and mesmerizing appeal, the Team Redline Extreme Girls always attract a massive crowd around the VPX booth at every Fit Expo.

Fit Girl Wear

Fit Girl Wear is a stylishly dynamic fashion line developed to compliment form and definition in any situation through sensually intriguing innovations in swimwear, active wear, and formal gown design.

Ms. Fitness America Sherry Goggin is the mind behind the line.  Featured in hundreds of magazine features, various infomercials, and numerous national commercials over the span of her career, she is definitely one of the most successful and well recognized fitness modeling personalities in history.

It was by chance that Sherry was found by her primary booth, as she was busy coordinating the start of her famed Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show, which was scheduled to start very soon.  When all the players were gathered, they headed over to the main competition stage in order to finally get the show started.

Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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