February 3, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Hooters Invades the Octagon


The Fit Expo of Los Angeles is known for holding some entertaining pageants and ring girl contests at their designated MMA areas every year. For the 2013 show, some of the most beautiful women of the West Coast Hooters restaurant franchise were invited to take part in a special presentation to determine who amongst them would become the LA Fit Expo’s Hottest Hooters Girl.  One by one, they took their turns front and center at the display octagon trying to impress the judges with their charm and playful antics.  In the end, though, as they say in those Highlander films, there could only be one.  Below is photographic narrative of how the contest eventually unfolded.



And here are the results…


Third Place                                                                        Second Place
                                                                                                 Pamela Jean Noble

First Place

The 2013 Los Angeles Fit Expo Hottest Hooters Girls Top Three Finalists

Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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