October 31, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Models Allure in One More Night of Cadillac Couture


Style Week OC 2013 would proceed into the final portion of its scheduled stage program in a similar manner to how it all started at the Irvine Spectrum Center a week before.  Indeed, a whole new group of FIDM educated designers would proudly embrace the challenge of a second installment to the Cadillac Couture Design Competition, this time conducted upon the courtyards of the Fashion Island Center in Newport Beach.  Within this last segment of the FABULOUS Soiree double feature attraction, each artist would again be given the task of translating the style and elegance of the Cadillac ATS sedan upon the concept and character of their own individually crafted evening wear ensembles.  Each competitor would eventually focus upon certain characteristics that would inspire them the most about the vehicle, thus prompting them to implement the shape, color or texture of such an element within the nature of their designs.  Such would go so far as to actually require the use of a genuine component from the vehicle itself in order to effectively convey the true inspiration of the worn concept.  As in the previous competition, imaginations would apparently run wild in preparation of such a unique style showcase, an expectation effectively realized in the captivating variety and distinct character of each of the presented outfits.  The runway personalities involved in the proceedings couldn’t help but become intrigued within the styles themselves, as they glided upon the catwalk in full appreciation and pride for what their designers would provide them upon this final evening of the Style Week OC celebration.



2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition at Fashion Island

During this featured segment of the Style Week OC extravaganza, runway model Zdenka Sutton would dazzle in a stylistic depth of drama within movement and focus while effectively exemplifying the flow and grace of this Ericka Corona design.  Besides the obvious Cadillac crest placed squarely upon her chest, one might also notice the gleaming piece of Cadillac silver upon her waist, thus establishing the outfit’s legitimacy as a true Cadillac Couture ensemble.





Bianca Palmerin would captivate in that penetrating emotive depth and dramatic consistency that she has conveyed so effectively throughout the course of Style Week OC.  Such would consequently provide an additional weight of intrigue upon this bold conception of mystery, light and shade by Mohamed Salaheldin.  It could be deduced by the presented background graphic at the beginning of his presentation that Mohamed’s core design might have very well been influenced by the sharp angles of silver that frame the windows and grilles of the Cadillac ATS sedan exterior.




Kerry Doyle would absolutely enchant audiences at Style Week OC in this sensually sleek Cadillac Couture concept by Judith Larrea, essentially emphasizing the refined grace and frame of the design through the dainty statuesque style of her own expressive being.  A close examination of the Cadillac ATS from above might very well reveal Judith’s inspirations towards the ensemble’s most prominent pattern and theme.



During this Style Week OC presentation, Holly Ridings would completely embrace the sheer boldness of projected shape and luster within this featured Matt Kim design, establishing a certain chic intensity upon the atmosphere through the pure force of her potent dramatic conviction.  Besides the centrally located crest upon the outfit, the visual texture and form of the dress in its entirety does seem to emulate the exterior character and personality of the Cadillac brand of luxury vehicle. 




Amanda Fields would fondly showcase the haunting flow and fluid dynamicity of this featured creation by Blake Patterson, essentially expressing her creative instinct as a competent and effective performer within any situation upon a runway.  The featured headdress of the ensemble would provide for the major application of Cadillac parts and components within the design.

As in any major organized fashion competition, the models would eventually come out one final time in order to provide the audiences of Style Week OC with a better comparative perspective of the field of competition.



2013 Fashion Island Results


2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition Fan Favorite
Mohamed Salaheldin





2013 Cadillac Couture Design Competition Overall Winner
Blake Patterson



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