February 9, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals (Part 2)

During a brief break in the action of the competition, a moment of contemplation likely took over the contestants as it did the competition hosts. Perhaps, Mike O’Hearn said it best when he relayed to the audience that while this competition showcases the magnificence of results, the story was truly what drove the event. It was the journey to that accomplishment that defined the athlete. Every one of the BodySpace Spokesmodel hopefuls have had their share of struggles and disappointments, and it’s their narrative of how they were able to overcome such obstacles that are the most intriguing to the community, inspiring a belief that anyone could become the very best that they could be.
Next to the stage would be the men.

Brian Casad made a conscious decision to change his life, discarding his unhealthy diets and routines to embrace a more rewarding lifestyle rooted in physical fitness.


Christian Talactac was a video game aficionado but soon found that the fit lifestyle provided the true challenge and adventure.

And for the guys, here’s a brief competition intermission focusing on lovely segment host Lauren Abraham.

A bodybuilder since his mid-teens, Abel Albonetti impressed the presenters and judges with the level of his physique, especially with the fact that he’s only in his early 20’s.

Zane Hadzick looks forward in helping to inspire others about the benefits of maintaining a healthy balance in one’s life through the pursuit of higher physical training and conditioning.

NPC Competitor Lawrence Ballenger showed the crowd he was fired-up and ready for the prospect of becoming a major fitness brand promotional figure.

Tabitha Klausen-Leandri, Rachelle Dejean, Karina Baymiller, Jessie Hilgenberg, and Samantha Ann Leete
Upon the conclusion of the male contestant intros, the women would be brought out once again, this time as a group to provide the judges a better comparative outlook on the entire field of competition.  The suspense grew as the panel asked the contestants to switch places upon the stage continuously with no indication of where their favor would lie at any given time.

The judges asked for the contestants’ best magazine cover poses with some silliness resulting from impromptu improvisation.

Eventually, the judges just went along with it and requested for some outright hilarity.

Soon enough, it was the men’s turn to show their stuff one more time for the judges’ final deliberation.

Before the final decisions were announced, the presenters invited last year’s BodySpace Spokesmodel Competition winners, Craig Capurso  and Laura Bailey, to speak of their time and experience as premier promotional personalities of the BodySpace community.  The general theme and message toward the new 2013 spokesmodels would be to always remember the duty of helping others.  As a symbol of the fitness culture, it was imperative that they become proactive, motivating forces of living an active, healthy existence while utilizing their new stature in the industry as a vehicle to effectively change people’s lives for the better.  Such a statement was a great message to take away and bring home from the course of the entire competition.

Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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