November 5, 2013

Formula Drift Irwindale 2013: Floor Report

There is a certain aura of finality and completeness to the number seven that is regularly reiterated within the common traditions and constructs of one’s everyday life.  For example, legend has it that the long lost city of Atlantis was composed of seven major islands.  The world as a whole today is currently divided amongst seven major continents.  Children’s literature and media in the current era might even have of a fair maiden befriending a merry group of seven dwarfs.  Even the secular and religious worlds seem to find common ground on the idea of seven days as a common and natural metric for time.  Indeed, the number seven is quite significant to multitudes of people around the globe.  For drifting enthusiasts in the United States, however, such a number finds its ultimate purpose as a countdown to the crowning of a new Formula Drift series champion.  Indeed, seven rounds is what it takes to become recognized as the best within this field of competition with its final fight at the Irwindale Event Center well regarded as one of the hottest motorsport extravaganzas in the nation.  After all, this is the House of Drift, where the sport of drifting first exploded into the nationwide phenomenon it is today.  Thus, within such a legendary location during such an extraordinary occasion, the thrill for festivity and celebration would effectively define the atmosphere, effectively supported and personified by the presence of the modeling industry’s top promotional figures.  As always, these talented women of the automotive scene would effectively compliment the action and drama of this final episode of the 2013 Formula Drift season, providing immersing character and charisma into the live sporting environment and experience.


General Show Floor


Formula Drift would continue its annual tradition of concluding its nationwide competitive tour upon the grounds and speedway of the Irwindale Event Center.  This year’s vendor village and pit area formats would provide for more variability within the show floor experience, providing curious fans with several different options of effectively navigating the grounds through various crisscrossing paths and intersections.  Thus, its emphasis on multiple vendor blocks would prove a little bit more complex than usual with various brands finding frontage exposure from several distinct positions.  Such would only provide ample motivation for fans to indulge in a comprehensive adventure towards uncovering the intriguing sights and surprises that could potentially present themselves upon every corner.  Often times, the excitement would be realized through specific troupes of modeling industry talents, who through their distinct duties and responsibilities would effectively accentuate the experience for all those involved or spectating.

Lining Up for Hot Lineups


Models Amongst the Crowds


When hundreds of attendees seemingly converge upon a particular booth to form massive lines that disrupt the normal flow of the show area, it’s a good indication that there must be something quite special going on under the shade of that tent.  Indeed, the established spokesmodels of the most renowned motorsports sponsors in the nation have always contributed a quality of spirit and personality to the proceedings of any Formula Drift spectacular.  Such is a duty and dedication towards the fans, which is all very much appreciated by the masses.


Sometimes, a set booth space just isn’t enough to convey a specific brand culture to the massive live audiences of Formula Drift Irwindale.  In such situations, it becomes important to have a hard-working, experienced team that is well prepared to actively engage and interact with audiences upon the grounds of such a dynamic environment.  Of course, when they are composed of some of the modeling industry’s most promising young stars, the inherent charm and grace of their talent can only further support the initiative.

Star Sightings

Every scene has its stars, and at Formula Drift Irwindale this year, some of the the automotive realm’s most renowned modeling figures and personalities would assimilate themselves within the action and festivities of this premiere season finale event at the famed House of Drift.


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