October 29, 2013

OC Auto Show 2013: Spokesmodels Drawing All the Attention

With its established setting upon one of the premier entertainment destinations of Southern California, the OC Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center can pose quite a challenge to even the most prominent of brands, as it pertains to capturing that attention needed to keep an audience entertained and interested within the scope of its displays.  Of course, avid aficionados for certain styles of vehicles need no introduction to the concepts and designs that innately play to their particular fancies.  However, the opportunity of drawing one’s attention, despite the absence of any prior affection towards a particular product, is what truly provides the catalyst towards effective brand name growth.  Therefore, providing added intrigue to the character of a display is extremely important towards attracting a brand new audience or fan base.  It could be as simple as the presented information on the description plaque, effectively orated and elaborated in the confidence and assurance of technical savvy.  It might even be a certain amiability and charm, which intuitively influences that sudden urge to interact and communicate.  Thus, in many ways, having a knowledgeable and beautiful promotional figure on hand does present a unique advantage upon even the most hectic of situations, presenting a captivating combination of sensory quality that is all the more impossible to resist.


Yvonne Szefer would proudly conduct the product presentations for the Dodge company during the OC Auto Show 2013 spectacular, effectively alluring the crowds in that trademark soothing brilliance and elegance of poise that she has so effortlessly conveyed throughout the seasons.




Fitness aficionado Allie McDowell would contribute such energizing charisma towards the OC Auto Show Chrysler display, beaming an embracing expressive warmth through a character of true professionalism.




Discovering Ashley Alicia Labady at the Mazda display would probably be one of the most pleasant surprises at the Orange County Auto Show this year.  Well known in previous seasons as a premier personality for show circuits like SPOCOM and Formula Drift, Ashley has always been known for being one of the most approachable young talents within her field.  Though her appearances within the scene have been a bit scarce as of late, she still looks back with fond memories of the people and fans who have supported her along her journey.




Charmingly radiant in sweet expressive vivacity, Keri Hill would absolutely illuminate the Buick displays during the course of the 2013 OC Auto Show extravaganza.




Samantha Skowronek is probably one of the most familiar spokesmodels of the Fiat brand in Southern California, as she always seems to compliment the quality of her featured display vehicles through the smooth expressive grace and flowing sophisticated style within her talent.  Such depth and dimension is further exemplified by her stellar microphone skills, as she brings a certain elegance within resonance to her delivery that is smooth yet dramatic in flavor.  Her knowledge of her brand’s history and merits would be quite apparent upon just listening to her presentations during the course of the show though, perhaps, a real indication of the extent of her passion for this particular company would come in her admission of actually promoting its cars in a filmed segment while skydiving.  Now, if that isn’t dedication, it is most uncertain what actually is.  All one can possibly say about that is there better be a special edition Fiat in her garage somewhere.


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