October 6, 2013

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013: Spokesmodels Own the Show Floor


Due to its success during 2012 season, the Auto Gallery Car Show has since expanded its featured show floor attractions, allowing for a more comprehensive vision of the car culture to characterize its unique production.  For example, more of the hottest brands within the aftermarket parts industry would become involved within the scope of presentations during its 2013 festival at Huntington Beach, providing event attendees and enthusiasts with a variety of stunning options in which to incorporate within their custom car and modified vehicle designs.  Such a presence would, in turn, allow organizers to establish multiple opportunities for fans to enjoy some fine raffled giveaways, thus stimulating increased crowd participation and general appreciation for the program.  Though there is much to be said about the Auto Gallery Car Show’s growth as a pure automotive showcase spectacular, it’s support for the modeling element deeply ingrained within the scene should not be overlooked either.  After all, how could it ever be with many the top promotional talents within the import genre making their presence known within the show’s official models lounge, a set feature which would hardly contain them from invading every booth or stage upon the event grounds.

Auto Gallery Car Show 2013 Official Models Lounge


Suemomo absolutely enraptures in a serene expressive elegance embraced in shimmering delicate style.  Such is a quality to her talent that infuses a pristine brilliance of sensuality within the immediate atmosphere, projecting an aesthetic grace and control that is visually intriguing within meaning and character.  Making a welcomed appearance at the 2013 Auto Gallery Car Show in Huntington Beach, she would effectively unleash much of that innate artistry and drama upon the event’s hottest custom car and modified vehicle displays.




Jelly Ranger would return to the Southern California show circuits at the Auto Gallery Car Show, making one of her first appearances within the scene since the 2012 installment of this annual production.  Sweetly enticing in charming expressive radiance framed upon vibrant sensual form, this lovely young talent always brings an energy and charisma that is just as playfully adorable as the elements of her name.






Alluringly elegant in sleek expressive brilliance framed upon soothing sophisticated poise, Christine Zegers always contributes a richness of sensuality into a scene or environment, beaming within a luster of combined grace and genuine energy that has established her reputation as an appreciated and beloved personality within several genres of the industry.  Making her trip back to the LA scene from her base in San Diego, she would express her enthusiasm for the chance to entertain fans at her first Auto Gallery Car Show.



Diamond Zaang continues to allure audiences through the soothing expressive depth and seductive statuesque style, which had done much to elevate her recognition as one of the most passionately alluring figures of the import scene.  She just presents this fluid creative intuition that breathes a fiery romanticism upon a live show atmosphere, a flavor to her persona which truly accentuated the experience for many attendees at the Auto Gallery Car Show this year.




Adorably charming in sweet spirit and embracing vivacity, Jenna Lane has a natural propensity for infusing laughter within any scene or situation, always generous with her enthusiasm towards the crowds in her deep appreciation for their support throughout her young career.  It was actually a year ago in which Jenna Lane would make her first impact upon the automotive modeling genre within this very same production.  Returning to the Auto Gallery Car Show with several notable hosting and correspondent gigs under her belt, Jenna has undoubtedly established her place within this sector of entertainment.


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