September 23, 2013

Subiefest 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Marissa Hiroko

While fundamentally united through a passion for ingenuity and performance, the automotive lifestyle community is truly composed of a conglomeration of distinct interpretations of such general concepts.  For example, some envision such meaning to be exemplified within the gears and internal mechanisms that establish a modified vehicle’s efficiency in competition, while others are dictated by a style shimmering in the essence of luxury, which emulates the grandeur and glamour of the styled elite.  Likewise, within the live automotive showcase circuits of the current era, it’s quite common to witness a certain subset of the broad-based community establish its own unique special events production, in which to spotlight the fascination for a certain brand of vehicle that specifically caters to a crowd’s taste for creativity.  For hundreds of car culture enthusiasts, Subiefest has been that one show that effectively highlights that unique Subaru brand of style and character to an ever expanding audience.  Such is quite possibly the reason why the annual spectacular stands alone as the largest automotive meet and gathering of its emphasis in the United States.  Within such a celebrated extravaganza would be the continued presence of the modeling industry within the scope of its program, where there have also been certain individuals that have essentially established a niche for themselves as a unique persona and star within the scene and community.  Marissa Hiroko has been one such figure who continues to enrich the realms of promotional modeling, effortlessly influencing a level of aesthetic intrigue that may even find relevance within the genres of art and fashion.



Chicly alluring through passionate expressive depth framed in fluid statuesque control, Marissa Hiroko always establishes a certain quality of dimension within a scene or atmosphere, characterized in a willingness and ability to intricately accentuate the elements of theme and drama within any variety of environments.  There’s just this haunting flow to her disposition that is stylistically pristine within a richness of character, presenting something quite ordered and elegant, even within the most festive of situations.  Representing in-vehicle acoustic specialist OEM Audio Plus at Subiefest 2013, Marissa would essentially provide for that perfect sensual symphony, which would prove quite impossible to overlook.



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