June 17, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Sandra Wong

As one of the fastest rising figures within the automotive scene today, Sandra Wong can be described within a variety of titles and accolades, but there seems to be a general consensus amongst those who frequent the live show circuits as to what this star truly offers toward an experience.  Sandra Wong is just a really nice person.  In fact, she actually lights up with a little bit of a blush when someone tells her of that well known fact.  She truly finds joy in the knowledge that people appreciate her company.  It’s within that genuine regard and affection for her audience that one finds the true essence to her talent.  Such charm is not something she feels obliged to convey just because of the nature of her profession.  It’s not an attitude that was honed through habit or conditioned within the call for a moment.  Being nice is who she is, and such integrity and embracing drive has done the most to move her career forward than any other element within her public persona and character.  She’s ever so patient and always kind, exemplifying a form of effortless professionalism that is resilient through the tests of condition and time.  As she would again represent the VMR Wheels brand for a second consecutive season upon the grounds of Bimmerfest Pasadena, people would again find themselves drawn to this brilliant young talent, well influenced by an urge to be within the presence of one of the industry’s nicest and sweetest premier personalities.


Sandra Wong captivates through a soothing expressive depth and shimmering delicate poise, which finds further dimension in the shear purity and radiance of her innate embracing spirit.  She just possesses a certain dramatic luster within flowing, penetrating focus, which infuses a gentle subtlety of passion within an atmosphere.  Then, there exists this sweetly demure variety to her nature, which allows for some unfiltered adorable moments in front of a camera.  Together, such aesthetic value and emotive integrity exemplify a true potential to cross over into any realm of printed or catalog advertising, conveying a character and presence well suited for any mode of fashion or lifestyle.


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