September 25, 2013

Subiefest 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Sharla STi


The essence of a true enthusiast is not solely characterized upon what is possessed or achieved.  It’s a constant journey towards improvement.  It’s a continuous progression towards fulfillment.  For many individuals and teams around the country, a shared affection for Subaru brand vehicles has effectively driven them to the depths of their creative potential and ingenuity,  perpetually intrigued by the prospect of completing that ideal custom car build, which would realize the aspirations of years of dedication and planning.  Its within such unfaltering passion that Subiefest continues to be celebrated as one of the nation’s premier automotive showcase extravaganzas.  Though the show’s vast variety of modified vehicle displays would provide for quite the spectacle already, it’s also proper to recognize the people that significantly contribute towards that spirit and culture, which very much fuels the enthusiasm of the community.  With that said, no other personality has truly emphasized the rich dimension of this particular showcase genre quite like Sharla STi, who has effectively promoted the various aspects of the Subaru enthusiast lifestyle through the scope of her projects and undertakings.  With even the STi established as a significant element to her public persona, its undeniable that Sharla fully embraces the Subaru custom and motorsports culture unlike any other promotional talent active within the car culture circuits today.




As a modeling talent, Sharla STi absolutely captivates through an enticing expressive charisma and vibrant dynamic style that exudes potent sensual intrigue within focused consistency and control.  There’s just this smooth luster to her intuitive process that fluidly establishes a quality of seductive depth upon an atmosphere, exemplifying her innate value as an artist within boldly active themes and vibrantly dramatic concepts.


Sharla STi has always brought a certain graciousness towards her role as premier brand ambassador, having established a solid rapport and reputation with Subaru motorsports enthusiasts throughout the years.  Such would be well apparent through the enthusiasm and spirit she would receive from attendees at the Tomioka Racing booth during Subiefest 2013 with many openly voicing their appreciation and gratitude for her efforts in promoting their niche within the car culture community.  After all, Sharla is not only a representative of the lifestyle.  She’s very much an active participant within it, dedicated to the process of modifying her own 2007 WRX STi into prime competitive condition.  It’s a goal that significantly defines who she is in a way, as she further explained the “STi” designation upon her name to be a symbol of her continued support for the Subaru enthusiast community.


In addition to her passion for Subaru brand vehicles, she also expressed a deep respect for the modeling industry, acknowledging a certain responsibility on her part to help motivate aspiring models to keep reaching for the stars in regards to establishing a presence within the modeling industry.  A Colorado native herself, she has been able to branch out into the largest entertainment hubs of the world as a premier automotive scene figure, recognizing the support of her fans as the driving force of her will to proceed onward as an entertainer and promotional personality.  Currently, she’s looking to expand her presence further within the major automotive show circuits of the United States.

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