September 26, 2013

The Forplay BLVD Collection at Couture: Sizzling Models and Fashion


Hollywood is well renowned as the entertainment capital of the world, and with that stature comes a distinct character of living that is intricately woven into the town’s stylistic fabric.  After all, when one senses the creativity of art and cinema within the atmosphere, it’s impossible not to be influenced by a heightened intrigue for glamour.  It’s a fascination for beauty well complimented by an allure for fashion, which, in turn, caters to the thrill and excitement of immersing adventure.  As these elements coalesce and coincide within a single environment, the eventual manifestation of such passion is often quite extraordinary upon experience.  Take, for example, the talented marketing troupe of Glamour Global, LLC, whose pool of stunning talent would be proudly presented upon the chic style and character of the Couture Ultra Lounge in Los Angeles.  Inspiring this thematic union of personality and venue would be a certain little play on words, a suggestion that actually speaks volumes through a varied line of visually enticing clothing designs that find its identity within an enthusiasm for Forplay.  All together, these various entities would provide the necessary elements for yet another perfect night of live fashion within the nightlife scenes of Hollywood, California.




CEO and President of Glamour Global, LLC, Myste Wright (left), would assist in starting off show by helping out in the drawing of some prizes for some lucky members of the audience.


Forplay is dedicated to providing its customers with a fine selection of styled apparel, which effectively emphasizes the confidence and sensuality of the contemporary woman.  Spotlighting its BLVD Collection during the course of this particular presentation, the clothing company would introduce the hottest evening wear options within its inventory, while effectively utilizing the lovely talents of Glamour Global, LLC to exemplify their line’s practical applications.

Dress:  Marseille
Dress:  Portici


Dress:  Grevena

Dress:  Patras

Model:  Katelynn Ansari
Dress:  Edessa
Dress:  Severo

Dress:  Sassari

Dress:  Nikaia


Dress:  Milia

Dress:  Uproar
Dress:  Veria

Dress:  Mezdra

Dress:  Messina

Dress:  Apulia

Dress:  Bergamo


Major brand spokesmodel Katelynn Ansari would find some time to dazzle upon a Hollywood runway, making a splendid appearance during the BLVD Collection Fashion Show in the stunning Bagheria metallic mini dress.  Charmingly energizing in vibrant expressive charisma framed upon flowing sensual grace, Katelynn would provide that same inspiring spirit and visual drama that has solidified her status as a premier personality within several scenes in the industry.


Dress:  Escape

Dress:  Verona

Dress:  Lazio






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