September 24, 2013

Subiefest 2013: The Allure of Women with Motorsports Brands


The thrill of motorsports competition is well influenced by the existence of dynamic sensory experiences.  It’s the sound of a roaring engine, as a modified driving machine speeds along a premier raceway.  It’s the cloud of burnt rubber and gravel, as a vehicle seemingly drifts around a sharp curve.  It’s the visual drama of insane trajectory and precision, defying the commonly held conventions of belief and possibility.  In essence, it’s all about the adrenaline and a certain anticipation for improbabilities, an opportunity to experience something uniquely fresh and positively exciting.  Often times, witnessing such feats of action can inspire people to actively pursuit a course for themselves within the scope of the car culture phenomenon, prompting enthusiasts to visit automotive showcase extravaganzas like Subiefest 2013 in order to discover that brand or product that effectively caters to their particular appetite for adventure.  During that very same search for high performance ingenuity often comes that allure towards personality, as some of the most beautiful women of the import and automotive genre proceed to present their brand’s featured products and applications in a way that likewise accelerates that pulse rate within a thrill for sensuality.  It’s through this emotive congruency between character and passion that essentially links these car culture beauties to the most dedicated motorsports entities in the nation.

Flawless Rides Motorsports


Flawless Rides Motorsports hopes to assist avid car culture enthusiasts in realizing their ideal JDM custom car creations through an extensive inventory of vehicle components and car parts, all supported by a brand culture dedicated to customer satisfaction.




Charmingly radiant through sweet expressive warmth and character, Laura Baker has been an admired personality within various show circuits throughout the years, always conveying a genuine regard and appreciation towards her audience that truly exemplifies her professionalism upon any show floor.  At Subiefest 2013, she would effectively engage the crowds as a primary brand ambassador for Flawless Rides Motorsports.




Wendy Rodriguez would make her automotive scene debut at the Auto Club Speedway, representing Flawless Rides Motorsports during the 2013 Subiefest extravaganza.  Sweetly alluring in charming expressive vivacity, Wendy truly exemplified that clarity of enthusiasm that prevailed within the atmosphere throughout the day.


Krystal absolutely glowed in a pristine expressive brilliance that charmed Subiefest audiences through a purity of character and sweet allure.


Forman Performance

Forman Performance effectively exemplifies its affection towards the car culture scene through its duties as a premier service and parts provider for Subaru brand vehicles.


Vibrantly captivating in soothing expressive depth defined in flowing dynamic style, Ngan Vo always infuses an element of dramatic intrigue within any scene or atmosphere, fundamentally influencing the mood through a penetrating consistency of focus within poise that utterly spellbinds in sheer sensual power.  It’s a certain chic conviction to her disposition that is just visually mesmerizing in emotive force and stylistic control, qualities to her talent that effectively emphasizes her ability to command any construct of theme through the pure influence of her process and character.  Her presence at the Forman Performance Booth during Subiefest 2013 would effectively reemphasize all this talent towards the masses, as she would give audiences much to think about while stationed upon the company’s featured modified vehicle and custom car displays.









Jenna Lane would also make a pleasant appearance at Subiefest 2013, captivating once again through that charming expressive radiance and sweet delicate poise, which utterly embraces in pure energizing serenity.  There’s just this immersing adorability to her character that emotively illuminates any manner of situation or environment, a facet of her persona that has essentially contributed to her success as a premier event segment host and entertainment correspondent throughout these recent months in her career.  Getting stuck under a tent while hiding from a treacherous heat wave would effectively reveal a lot more about this young talent, however, as she would express an interest and keen understanding of the current state of politics and health within the United States.  Perhaps, it’s an awareness that she had essentially developed through her background in beauty pageantry.



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