September 13, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Marie Alvarez


Perhaps one of the best prerequisites towards progress within a particular genre is an understanding and appreciation for what that environment has to offer.  For example, involvement within the fashion scene might suggest an affection for clothing design and the artistry of poise that finds meaning upon the runway.  Fitness aficionados might find their purpose within an interest for the processes of the human body, as they continuously search for those secrets towards better forms of living.  Entering into the automotive sector presents a unique duality, however, as the scene is fundamentally divided between an allure for custom car craftsmanship and a fascination towards enticing sensuality.  Such has bridged the professional pathways of certain import and glamour scene stars in the current era, allowing for personas like Marie Alvarez to emerge from a varied experience background to effectively tackle an industry as a whole.  Initially discovered within the live event glamour scenes of Southern California, she would make her first inroads into the automotive sector via the DUB Show Tour, representing a popular local car club chapter during those formative professional years before making her mark on the industry as a dominating promotional presence in 2013.  Meeting again with the rising young talent at the Monster Graphics booth during DUB Show Anaheim, it would be interesting to learn more about her future aspirations as her career progresses forward towards new exciting opportunities.



Marie Alvarez utterly mesmerizes in a chic expressive depth and dynamic delicate poise, which all together projects haunting dramatic force through the stylistic fusion of both focus and form.  There’s just this finesse to her expressive process that soothes in the dainty flow of romanticism while simultaneously enrapturing within a dimension of sensual consistency.  It’s through such conviction within style that truly exemplifies her worth within bold, meaningful themes in creative photography.


The excitement of the day would lead Marie all around the DUB Show Anaheim event grounds, prompting Monster Graphics to make her a special pair of brand named custom designed heels to take along for the journey.  Throughout the course of her excursion, she would spend much of her time checking out the featured displays of CyclePath Magazine, a custom motorcycle publication that Marie has been quite familiar with throughout the course of the season.  After all, it wasn’t too long ago that she provided key promotional support as a featured spokesmodel for the brand at this year’s DUB Show Los Angeles extravaganza.


During the DUB Show, Marie would express enthusiasm for the prospect of expanding her professional horizons through collaborations with the big brands of the automotive industry while also excited about eventually participating within the creative culture of the scene, as well.  She admitted a fondness and appreciation for the artistry involved in custom car and modified vehicle building, even going so far as to identify specific brand named components, parts and applications in which to include in her ideal personalized ride.  For the companies offering to assist her in the realization of such a project in the future, it might be well advised to keep those high performance products handy, as she has even stated her intent to delve into drifting.





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