February 26, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: The Ladies of Kapu MotorTrends


Kapu MotorTrends is dedicated to fueling the creative pursuits of an avid automotive enthusiast through a varied selection of quality parts and modified products. Despite a name that translates into the themes of the forbidden and taboo, the company is in no way restrictive or mysterious in their style of marketing. Chosen representative teams of the brand have traditionally been comprised of the import scene’s most charismatic and animated promotional talents. At this year’s Kuya Model Expo, the Kapu MotorTrends crew was all pumped up from the first minute of the show, readying their props and costumes in order to celebrate the start of yet another spectacular show season.



Cathyy Dam was showing some Kapu pride, sporting her branded white collar shirt, somewhat reminiscent of that classic scene in “Risky Business,” though all the more alluring through her interpretation.  Cathyy has a glow about her which is expressively rich in gentle elegance, all the more illuminated in the embrace of sweet grace inherent within her form and poise.

Mizzi Mie was a colorful new addition to the Kapu MotorTrend’s team at the 2013 Kuya Model Expo.  Unlike many of the talent present during the event, Mizzi has a unique background as a cosplayer and gamer, which became all the more apparent during a mid-show wardrobe change.  Photographically, one can really admire the value and character she infuses into a shot.  She just inspires this youthful warmth through her natural playful charisma, which intricately compliments the nature of her chosen genre.  However, she did relay her possible involvement with the Kapu brand in the future, and automotive lifestyle fans can take some comfort from that.



Kaycee Tran returns once again as a premier live personality for the Kapu MotorTrends brand.  Charmingly energizing with brilliant immersing spirit, Kaycee just enlivens an event floor with her trademark enthusiasm, which at times gets a bit silly and whimsical to provide maximum interactive entertainment for event attendees, while also teasing with instances of passionate intoxicating depth for the sake of variance.  She’s like a captivating visual roller coaster ride, in which one would never find a dull moment.



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