September 12, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Gears and Girls


For dedicated automotive lifestyle enthusiasts, shopping for that next component part or styled application can be quite tricky.  Often times, a standard description upon a webpage simply doesn’t compare to the actual live experience of a product or service within a state of effective implementation.  In this regard, automotive spectaculars like the DUB Show in Anaheim find practical significance for those serious in their passion for custom ingenuity, presenting a vast array of modified vehicles and custom car displays that essentially exemplify the value of a certain sponsoring brand for delivering on a specific quality of style and engineering.  Though within the prestige and expanse of such an celebrated automotive festival, there comes that dilemma of choice, as all competitive businesses and organizations bring forth their own impeccable flavor through their distinct product lines.  Thus, the importance of a strong promotional presence becomes significant in capturing that key audience, with a company’s unique roster of industry personalities involved in the frontlines of such an effort.  After all, what inspires loyalty more than the actual people who represent that very same spirit that thrives within each enthusiast’s being.  Indeed, these women of the automotive scene would provide such a reassurance through the connections they have established within this specific community.


Soundstream provides quality product options towards realizing the best combination of mobile sound and video quality within one’s customized vehicle.





Lea Anne knows a thing or two about the necessary components that define a high performance vehicle, having continuously involved herself within the Redline Time Attack series as a popular driver within this year’s field of competition.  Her association with Soundstream at the DUB Show in Anaheim would effectively indicate this motorsport star’s own preferences towards audio entertainment, emphasizing the company’s relevance as a primary resource for true automotive enthusiasts.



R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts prides itself at “stopping the world” through its quality engineered braking system components and products.


Brittani Paige was pretty surprised by the recognition that she received from attendees who visited the R1 Concepts booth at the DUB Show, acknowledging the relatively short notice of her featured appearance upon this particular show floor.  In retrospect, what else could she have possibly expected?  As a three-time official spokesmodel for the largest automotive entertainment brands in the country with a constantly expanding resume involving the hottest energy drink and aftermarket component entities within the industry, it’s obvious that Brittani has truly come into her own as a legitimate star within the car culture scene.  Brilliantly passionate in penetrating sensual charisma framed upon flowing vibrant poise, Brittani definitely possesses that stylistic depth and character that can inspire a quality of intoxicating drama within any scene or atmosphere.  Though within this fantasy that she can readily create, there is something quite honest and genuine about how she conducts herself upon a show floor, always so open and spontaneous with her audience as to deemphasize all that aesthetic intrigue within the full light of her personality.  To put it simply, she can be quite the dork out there sometimes, as she admits of herself regularly, constantly unleashing her full arsenal of playful faces and gestures for everyone’s optimal enjoyment.  Nobody would really have it any other way, however.  That’s just the essence and charm of pure Brittitude.


JDM Sport

JDM Sport thrives in presenting the car culture community with a varied line of vehicle components and accessories, which accentuate a passion for action-packed style and performance.


Jasmyn Skye would lead JDM Sport’s promotional efforts upon the DUB Show Anaheim show floor, beaming with that sweet expressive spirit and passionate intuitive allure that fundamentally exemplifies the fun and enthusiasm associated with the popular brand.






Lena Love absolutely charms through an elegant expressive brilliance matched in fluid sensual style, a quality to her talent which has allured audiences of the import car culture scene for the better part of last two seasons.  As the longest serving promotional ambassador of the JDM Sports brand, she would seamlessly personify that energizing flare and sensual passion that likewise characterizes the DUB Show Anaheim automotive festival.



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