September 14, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Gorgeous Makes and Models

As the most prominent music and automotive festival in the United States with more than ten sanctioned events around the nation each year, the DUB Show Tour is definitely a production that accentuates and magnifies the elements of the underlying car culture unlike any other live entertainment brand within its field.  Thus, it only establishes its program upon the biggest venues.  It only books the hottest stars and performers.  In fact, the event consistently draws the largest crowds, as exemplified by some of the most ridiculously lengthy entry lines within the scene and industry.  To put it more simply, everything about this show circuit is just huge, and that might even be putting it mildly.  If the capitalized and bolded print of show circuit’s trademark and name didn’t hint at it already, such an extravaganza would also symbolize a certain prestige and significance that would essentially draw some of the biggest and most honored brands of the automotive industry.  With their familiar and respected insignias placed proudly upon the most visible and centralized displays within the show floor, these major sponsors would effectively provide for the primary attractions of the DUB Show spectacular at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium, one which would be significantly impacted by the automotive scene’s most beautiful promotional figures.  Together and as individuals, these lovely ladies would provide additional value and character towards even the most established of brands, exemplifying the true connection between the hottest makes and the finest models.

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon is the current flagship, full-sized luxury sedan of one of the most renowned and trusted automobile manufacturing brands in the world.  DUB Show Anaheim would present it’s own take on such elegance, however, through its special DUB Edition showcase displays. 


Lyna Ly Sparks would reprise her role as a premier brand ambassador for the special DUB Edition Toyota Avalon at this year’s DUB Show Anaheim spectacular, enchanting with that shimmering expressive elegance and sophisticated, pristine grace, which illuminated the same featured display and presentation at DUB Show Los Angeles 2013. 



Julianne Trejo dazzles in a passionate expressive radiance framed upon fluid intuitive style, qualities to her talent which establish a depth of aesthetic intrigue through a scintillating union of focus and poise.  There’s just a certain dramatic intensity to her stylistic process that accentuates a mood through the refined contours of control and movement while all the more immersing within an emotive conviction that captivates in pure sensual power.  It’s within such dimension and instinct that truly suggests a level of relevance within interpretive compositions of art and fashion.


Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a world famous developer of quality motorcycle cruisers, essentially driven by a spirit of independence and a thrill for nonstop adventure.

The charming Natalie Jahnke is primarily known as a member of the three-time Legends Football League Champions, the LA Temptation.  When she isn’t out there kicking butt on the competitive field, she tends to hang around the various live event circuits as an popular show floor representative for Harley Davidson.  Luckily for those in attendance at DUB Show Anaheim 2013, this would turn out to be one of those times.



Featured Playboy model Dennii would appear to be a bit incognito as she hid from the sunlight through a cap and a pair of dark shades, though nothing could really conceal the pure brilliance and spirit she would contribute towards the overall DUB Show Anaheim experience.




Shae P. allures through a vibrant expressive charisma and shimmering dynamic form, which truly personifies the character and attitude that inspires the Harley Davidson brand of design.


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