August 6, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Floor Report

Within every scene or industry, there is a time, a place and occasion that marks the apex of any ongoing experience, a point in time which celebrates the very best of what has transpired over the course of a season.  In the movie industry, it’s the drama of the Oscars.  For football fans, it’s the excitement of the Super Bowl.  For techies and gamers, it’s all about the long awaited debuts at E3.  For the import scene in Southern California, a standard has also been effectively set, one characterized by a history exalted in prestige through a consistency of purpose and message that has allowed a single brand to maintain its stature as the biggest public automotive lifestyle event organizer in the region.  Indeed, what fans all around the nation have come to admire as the SPOCOM Super Show has done much to define the automotive lifestyle community in this current era.  Though the brand has effectively expanded its influence past the boundaries of the Golden State, it’s flagship event, currently held in Anaheim, California, still beams as an ever present beacon of inspiration for its industry, thrilling enthusiasts continuously for the last seven years through the grandeur of their modified vehicle showcases and action-packed stage competitions.  In many ways, it’s that shimmer of customized creativity and the passion for entertainment that effectively sets the mood of the entire event, but, perhaps, it’s another element of the production that provides for the show circuit’s captivating soul and character.  In fact, since its inception, the event series has always conveyed a profound respect for the role of professional promotional personalities upon its show floors, presenting a diverse international field of modeling industry talent who by their presence and qualities highlight the significance of this annual spectacular as a premier car culture phenomenon.  It’s this dimension to the SPOCOM automotive experience that has established the show’s significance within the modeling realm for over half a decade.

General Show Floor

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center within one of the facility’s primary presentation halls.  Though they would be presented with a massive open floor that provided maximum flexibility for interpreting space, organizers would effectively utilize a comprehensible standard floor format, which allowed the audience to navigate continuously through an entire floor length of customized car setups with the benefit of minimal redirection.  Such would allow easy access to any desired vendor setup from any point or direction, thus establishing an efficient entertainment experience for the wandering spectator.  In most instances, the opportunity of meeting some of the automotive industry’s hottest modeling talents would present itself immediately upon these booths.  However, there were special elements in the SPOCOM event experience, which further emphasized the importance of these dazzling young ladies upon the show floor.
Official Model Lounge   The HIN City Experience
While participating vendors have their established promotional teams, the SPOCOM brand itself has also been known to present a star-studded lineup of the automotive and glamour scene’s brightest young stars, some of whom have garnered an international following within various genres of televised and printed media.  This year, the roster would also present many up and coming personalities, as spotlighted to by SPOCOM’s aggressive promotional tour during the early months of the season.
Hot Import Nights would collaborate with the SPOCOM Super Show this year, adding some of its own unique flavor to this season’s show experience by contributing its international talent pool to the event’s official model roster.  With the crowds visually captivated and security enforced lines necessitated, it would be apparent that the HIN City Experience was a well received element to the 2013 event program.
Annual Bikini Contest
The SPOCOM Bikini Contest has become a popular tradition within this particular show circuit, known as a segment that often introduces some of the stars of tomorrow as part of a premier stage segment attraction that draws the attention of an entire industry.  One just has to look at some of the top contenders of previous seasons to understand the recognition given to the participants of such a contest, even if it is conducted primarily for the entertainment of the fans.


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