August 7, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Effective Business Models

SPOCOM Anaheim is well renowned as the biggest annual import scene extravaganza in Southern California, attracting enthusiasts from various locales and vicinities to take part in a celebration that essentially highlights and magnifies the passions of a vibrant international car culture community.  Within this craving for sleek custom cars and modified vehicles lies the nature of a demand, identified within a continuous pursuit towards improvement and further self-expression that constantly redefines itself within the call of any given occasion or moment.  Therefore, while SPOCOM is very much a “super show” to many fans, it is also fundamentally a marketplace of inspiration for the avid automotive lifestyle enthusiast.  With this realization, companies come to understand their role within this creative process, acknowledging their significance as businesses that offer something of value towards the fulfillment of aspirations.  While many offer their own specific solutions for a certain concern or concept, its often those entities that utilize an efficient business model that effectively establish that connection and relationship with their intended audience.  Within a busy show floor environment like SPOCOM Anaheim where first impressions can be quite significant, such business models tend to come to life in a stunningly unique manner, personified within figures of charm, class and beauty who effectively differentiate certain brands from the rest of the competition.


2Crave reimagines the concept of refinement through the innovative design and shimmering quality of its fine line of luxury wheel products.


Ashley Harrell charmed through a sweet expressive elegance and vibrant sophisticated poise, which utterly illuminated the atmosphere at the 2Crave display area at SPOCOM Anaheim this year.  Though this would be her first appearance within a major import scene show circuit in Southern California, she definitely proved her worth as an accommodating ambassador for a major car culture brand.


2Crave poster girl Jessica Endres is definitely one of the most versatile talents active within the automotive showcase scenes today, exuding a soothing expressive brilliance within statuesque delicate grace that does much to compliment her affection for style and theme.  Having appeared in numerous designer catalogs, television segments and print media campaigns, this confessed “fashion junkie” would effectively bring a wealth of experience within multiple scenes of the modeling industry upon the floors of this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim event.  Even without this knowledge of her exploits, the unbound professionalism and graciousness in which she conducts herself is already quite indicative of that fact. 


Skunk2 Racing / Grams Performance

Skunk2 Racing offers high performance engine, suspension and exhaust parts and components for the benefit of automotive enthusiasts eager to experience the true potential of their cherished sport compact vehicles.  Complimenting their line of products would be Grams Performance, which utilizes its extensive experience within the motorsports realm to develop quality fuel injectors and accessories for those passionately involved in the racing culture.  Deciding upon a mobile promotional strategy for the SPOCOM Anaheim event, the two affiliated companies figured that they would have to enlist two of the most dazzling stars in the import modeling scene to keep both their brands firmly in sight as they wandered throughout the show floor.  As they began releasing behind-the-scenes teasers for their latest promotional shoots via SPOCOM’s social networks, it became quite apparent that they did exactly that.


Alexia Cortez graces this year’s show floor once again, representing Skunk 2 Racing for the duration of the 2013 SPOCOM spectacular.  Radiantly elegant in chic expressive depth framed upon smooth sensual control, Alexia inspires within a potent captivating order that utterly enriches an atmosphere through enticing style and aesthetic character.  A beloved regular of the SPOCOM event series, she is one of the few talents active today to have the distinction of five consecutive official appearances within the show circuit’s flagship event extravaganza.





Marie Alvarez has truly found her stride within the automotive scene this season, dominating virtually every show floor throughout the year within the vivid sensual dimension and penetrating, fluid style that defines her talent as a true emotive artist.  Her special autograph appearance with Grams Performance at the SPOCOM Anaheim show extravaganza only further solidifies her stature within this scene as a respected and admired personality of this current era in automotive showcase entertainment.



Marie would take a few moments to reconnect with another import scene favorite, Gina Sky, during her scheduled signings at the SPOCOM Official Model’s Lounge.

Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires infuses a keen understanding of design and engineering into the development of an innovative line of tire products, suited to tackle the challenges of any high performance arena or road of life.


There’s something about Claudia Alan that just gets someone giddy in a virtual sugar rush.  Perhaps, its that immaculate expressive brilliance embraced upon energizing dynamic intuition.  Maybe, it’s that initial burst of enthusiasm and graciousness that she delivers toward an audience at that moment of impromptu interaction.  Either way, Claudia just makes things fun out there.  Within this quality of her persona, she has risen faster than any other debuting talent of the 2013 season, continuing to be the primary promotional force in the the live event scenes for Toyo Tires in Southern California.  Though she has become quite recognized for her continuous involvement in the scene during her debut season, this would actually be her first appearance at a SPOCOM sanctioned event spectacular.  Such may very well be the first of many to come.


Magda Angel is a woman who needs no introduction for those who frequent the action sports scenes or, perhaps, find their weekly dose of the car culture on mun2 programming.  As an internationally known spokesmodel and television personality, Magda exemplifies that multimedia savvy that is effective within various genres of promotion and entertainment, well versed in the language of professionalism and spirit that finds an audience within the most diverse of markets.  Vibrantly enchanting in shimmering expressive elegance embraced in sleek dynamic form, Magda often commands a good amount of attention within prestigious show floors like SPOCOM Anaheim though always complimenting that visual charisma with an inherent personable charm that is so fluid and natural as to impart something uniquely of her own character into an experience.  There’s just something very open and spontaneous to her approach as a brand ambassador that makes one feel the innate class and character of a certain brand culture.  At the SPOCOM Anaheim 2013 event extravaganza, she definitely personified that value within the Toyo Tire name.


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