September 10, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013: Hot Wheels and Promo Girl Teams

The unique quality of the modeling industry is the ease in which it translates into the specific needs of different genres of activity.  For example, sponsors and organizers of professional fights often find it necessary to have a stunning beauty upon a ring of combat to alert those in attendance of when the action is set to take place.  In a similar vein, popular team cheerleaders are tasked with keeping the crowds of an event entertained during intermissions in the featured format of competition.  It’s the same entertainment mechanism that celebrates the role of umbrella girls within premier motorsports environments with organizations relying upon these talented promotional ambassadors to support featured drivers while assisting in expanding the appeal of specific brands to a mass audience.  While the DUB Show has no featured sporting spectacles in which to continuously captivate a crowd upon an arena, it does, however, endorse a certain spirit and lifestyle, presented through a unique synergy of entertainment that highlights the custom car and modified vehicle craze in the United States.  While ring girls, cheerleaders and umbrella girls are often tasked with promoting a specific aspect or feature of their respective scenes, recognized promotional teams of the automotive scene would do much of the same, though within the scope of their own unique program structure.  Since the environment is fundamentally influenced by a passion for creation, the aspects of the culture highlighted by these dazzling spokesmodels usually relate towards the available options of which to express such personal style and individuality.  It’s this facet to the phenomenon that has always placed a significance upon a premier show floor’s wheel and rim displays, as their shimmering quality and sleek craftsmanship often provide that scintillating exclamation toward one’s taste for custom design.  Thus, as wheels have found a level of prominence as primary components within the creative culture, the beautiful women representing the products themselves would likewise further establish their names within such a community.

Stance Wheels

Stance Wheels is dedicated to providing an avid automotive enthusiast with optimum options towards wheel design and fitment, well embraced within the reliability of sound performance through expert engineering.


Xena Kai captivates in a charming expressive sweetness and potent seductive sensuality, which has been a driving promotional force for the Stance Wheels brand for the last two seasons.  At the 2013 DUB Show in Anaheim, her presence would once again contribute towards an irresistible urge to visit the company’s custom car and featured wheel displays.


Soothingly enticing in serene sensual depth framed upon smooth delicate poise, Joselyn Cano contributes immersing passion into the constructs of any scene or atmosphere, conveyed through a subtlety and order that inspires an air of enticing mystery towards the prevailing mood of any particular moment.  Such continues to make her one of the most visually alluring figures upon the premier show circuits today and why she’s been a major promotional figure for the Stance Wheels brand throughout the 2013 DUB Show Tour.





Sally Mia Kior charms through a smooth expressive allure that breathes an element of passion into any live event experience.

Zenetti Wheels



Lorena Salazar dazzled through a sweet expressive brilliance that would effectively charm audiences upon the DUB Show event floor.


Savini Wheels

Savini celebrates the allure for combined style and performance through the precision craftsmanship and engineering of their quality line of luxury wheel products.


Claudia Alan continues to make an impact within the automotive showcase circuits, making a featured appearance at the Savini Wheels showcase area during the 2013 DUB Show Anaheim extravaganza.  Brilliantly inspiring in elegant expressive vivacity embraced in vibrant intuitive grace, Claudia may very well be one of the most dynamic young talents of the 2013 season, exuding a charismatic presence and personality, which finds the utmost relevance within the scope of a car culture celebration. 


Claudia Alan’s rising appeal within the promotional world has been primarily influenced by a willingness to genuinely engage an audience, characterized in charmingly spontaneous interaction that leaves no doubt as to her enthusiasm for the scene and the people who comprise it.  Perhaps, much of this has to do with her background and degree in journalism studies, which she hopes to implement into hosting duties for an on-location travel show later in her career.  Though her passion would be to fully experience the world and report on all its wonders, she expressed a specific appreciation for the continent of Asia.  Noticing some intriguing similarities between the Asian culture and her own Latin heritage, she felt that it would be interesting to explore that further through the course of such an endeavor.




Angelina Bear would make her return to the DUB Show Tour as a premier promotional personality for Savini Wheels, having been previously involved within the wheel company’s featured display at the 2012 DUB Show extravaganza in Los Angeles.  Radiantly enticing through adorable expressive charisma, this fine young talent definitely influences a quality of enthusiasm within style that enlivens an overall show floor experience.


Vertini Wheels

Vertini offers a fine selection of quality luxury wheel products, characterized in bold shimmering design in which to emphasize the character and prestige of a full sized sedan and vehicle.


Netha S. would make her automotive scene debut at the DUB Show for Vertini Wheels, conveying a conviction of persona and form that very much compliments the brand’s affection towards chic sensuality.


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