July 24, 2013

LA Calendar Motorcycle Show 2013: Women Rock the Long Beach Coast


The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show has always embraced a comprehensive view of live event entertainment.  While some of the motorcycle scene’s hottest custom and manufactured creations basked under the sunlight as primary showcase attractions, such would only present one facet of the event’s overall sensory dimension, as the thrill and drama of music has always found a significant role within the event’s annual featured program.  This year, performances by Lily Elise and Nylon Pink would effectively highlight the premier musical lineup, providing an awe-inspiring fusion of powerful vocals and action-packed showmanship that intrigued audiences well into the final hours of the event.  After all was said, sung and done, attendees would come into full understanding of the depth and spirit inherent within LA Calendar Motorcycle Show phenomenon, one fundamentally influenced by not only sight but of a purity of sound that seeks to immerse one within the full allure of summertime euphoria.

Lily Elise


Lily Elise would captivate the crowds at the LA Calendar Motorcycle Show with a sample of her unique stylistic texture and variety, initiating her sets with some smooth melodies accentuated in soulful vibrato with a purpose of warming up the tempo before unleashing the sheer force of her creative depth upon the microphone.  As a vocalist, Lily presents a certain presence and conviction that drives the emotive direction within a performance, conveying a dynamicity of sound and content that penetrates with embracing emotionality and spirited drama.  It’s though such ability, which may very well have sparked the interest of a superstar like Christina Aguilera to take her under her wing in the first season of the hit television series The Voice, from which point she has only continued to grow further as a more complete artist.  Even with all the things she’s experienced in her young career, she still brings a humility and recognition of her role as an inspiring figure for many, still finding some time between sets to greet and converse with a fan or even someone who might just be discovering that innate passion she expresses so well upon the stage.  Within all those moments of pure talent and character, who could possibly not applaud and admire such a class act?


Nylon Pink


Nylon Pink brings a distinct edge to contemporary pop elements, effectively interpreting such themes through high impact percussion and blazing unabashed attitude.  Flirty, fierce, and animated in style, the cutesy quartet may very well find a special place in the hearts of rock alternative aficionados yearning to find new inspiration in this emerging age of EDM airwave superiority.  Their sound does very much allude to that time of transition when bands like Garbage and No Doubt were finding their stride as fresh innovators within the music industry.  As history is known to define itself within cycles, Nylon Pink is definitely keeping such a potential revitalization alive and within reach.

Bass Player Kitt.E.Katt would bring a smoothness of character to the live stage performance, keeping everything contained in the precision and confidence of her musicianship.


Lead singer Kaila Yu infuses potent seduction within an atmosphere through the sensual emotive power that characterizes her vocal prowess.


Lead Guitarist Kiki Wongo would find many instances to display her spirit and passion to the crowds, as she worked her instrument for some fiery sounds in full appreciation of the moment.


Jamie Scoles would keep the beat going all performance long, at one point mesmerizing the senses within a masterful drum solo that definitely got some hearts racing.

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