August 8, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: The Girls of Drive M7


With a brand culture inspired by the thrill of adventure and the grit of fast paced competition, it’s not difficult to see that Drive M7 is fundamentally influenced by the same spirit that fuels the car culture phenomenon.  As automotive enthusiasts live out their passion for speed by implementing motorsport concepts of style and engineering upon their own custom car creations, Drive M7 is similarly motivated by an aspiration to translate that same seamless efficiency and performance upon the functions and capabilities of the individual.  Such a congruency of drive, has proven to be a defining characteristic amongst the SPOCOM and Drive M7 brands and why, perhaps, they’ve developed a strong relationship throughout the past few seasons.  Drive M7’s references to the racing culture are not solely contained upon these sport related sciences and mechanics, however.  The company has always found an occasion to include some of the most prominent young stars of the import modeling realm within their promotional campaigns in order to provide insight into the spirit of the sports and showcase genre.  As a competition grid girl often drives recognition towards event and team sponsors, these fine ladies would do much to support and emphasize the innate personality of a brand, further establishing that allure and excitement that is very much part of the broad based automotive culture.


Eva Skye returns to the Anaheim Convention Center for her second consecutive year as an official Drive M7 spokesmodel at the SPOCOM flagship event extravaganza.  Enchantingly serene in pristine expressive radiance defined in chic sensual grace, Eva always establishes a depth of fashionable intrigue upon a scene or environment, projecting a visual class characterized in refined lines of form and poise that effectively infuses a quality of style within every moment.  Within such elegance also lies a dedicated work ethic, as she fully assimilates the essence of her brand within her process as a knowledgeable and informative live resource for her company’s product.  Such a standard of care for her brand all the more emphasizes her true status as a professional within the industry.

Eva Skye would bring further attention towards Drive M7’s Scion FR-S, which has been the brand’s featured modified vehicle at all their official show circuit appearances throughout the 2013 season.





Xena Kai utterly enthralls through a shimmering expressive smoothness and dynamicity of form, which often leaves an audience spellbound within the pure glamour that she effortlessly presents upon a show floor.  Representing Drive M7 at this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim spectacular, she would essentially captivate as a primary force of the brand’s promotional efforts during the event.




Jeri Lee has probably enjoyed an elite status in the import scene longer than any other active talent in the industry today, known as one of the most significant figures of the automotive showcase realms since the 2000’s.  Adorably alluring in brilliant expressive elegance framed upon dainty, delicate style, she just presents a genuine sweetness within a luster of sensuality that exemplifies the vibrancy and flare of the automotive lifestyle genre.  Her special appearance at this year’s SPOCOM Anaheim event would only further enrich the event experience for many fans and attendees looking for some refreshment at the Drive M7 booth.




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