July 8, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Models Bring That Summertime Elegance


People often present themselves in certain distinct ways as it pertains to specific occasions or situations.  Some may find a suit practical within their day-to-day grind, though the same look might be somewhat inefficient within the common activities of recreational living.  So, they just put on an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans, essentially leaving it at that.  Others might find their workforce identity within the structure of their title and uniform but might find it a bit out of place at a popular vacation destination.  So, they put on some sunscreen and a bathing suit while proceeding onward towards their upcoming adventure.  Likewise, a professional model might be dressed to create a certain impression upon a runway but might discover the attire to be unfashionable within a public outdoor environment.  So, she puts on her favorite ensemble of designer shorts and tops to eventually proceed with her afternoon out upon the city walk.  This isn’t always the case, however.  Some people just have a certain style ingrained within their being, a specific image that is synonymous towards their own individuality that presides over their choices within any scene.  For those with an affection for elegance, even within the blazing summertime atmospheres of Southern California, AutoCon LA 2013 would provide some sterling examples of some proper implementations of fashion upon such an environment, effectively featuring some of the most sophisticated young talents within the modeling industry who always contribute a certain class and order towards even the most casual and upbeat live event experiences.

Outcast Garage

Outcast Garage caters to an automotive enthusiast’s preferences for aftermarket performance parts and accessories.


From last year’s flowing pink ensemble to this year’s brand promotional wardrobe, Sandra Wong has always amazed through the quality of her fashion sense, a facet of her personality which has quite possibly exalted her as one of the best dressed personalities within the automotive show circuits today.  Even if the attire was influenced by a vendor’s decision, not many can infuse the same reverent class upon a piece of clothing quite like she does on a consistent basis.  Such an innate ability stems from an immaculate expressive adorability and depth that sensually coincides with a dainty, delicate integrity within poise.  Such are facets of her talent, which provide for a soothing clarity of character within any scene or composition, effectively exemplifying her worth within vibrant fashion catalogs and mainstream clothing ad campaigns.


K1 Speed

K1 Speed provides fun, action and excitement for the whole family through the varied features and programs of its indoor karting entertainment centers.

Anahi Ahumada (Left)


Even the ladies of K1 Speed, often adorned in racing culture attire, would look particularly dressed to impress for the festivities of AutoCon LA, essentially establishing an aura of glamour within their specified booth display.


Impressive Wrap

Impressive Wrap seeks to accentuate the character and dedication of an avid car culture enthusiast through its high-quality, stylized vehicle wrap services.


Eva Skye is a natural talent who exudes sophistication within every scene or situation, always dazzling with that smooth sensual character and fluid intuitive poise that utterly mesmerizes in pure aesthetic drama.  There’s just a certain tranquility and grace to her manner that establishes refined scintillating order upon an atmosphere, a distinct quality to her persona which has allowed her to enjoy and sustain a dedicated fan base within the automotive scene for the last several years.  Representing Impressive Wrap for the second time this year upon a major showcase arena, she would effectively personify the company’s affection for shimmering stylistic flare and bold elegance during the course of the AutoCon LA automotive festival.



Europrojektz is inspired by a mission to gather likeminded individuals towards the further acclamation of European brand automobiles within the various car culture show circuits around the world.



Elizabeth Tran always offers refreshing dimension towards a live event experience, utterly charming through an energizing, spirited charisma while also providing emotive variance through a soothing consistency of focus that penetrates in haunting allure.  All defined through a process of vivacious spontaneity within stylistic delicate control, Elizabeth’s talent intricately exemplifies that fine fusion of character and artistry that is well admired within the car culture community, the primary reason why she has been the Europrojektz “it” girl for several seasons. 



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