July 9, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Western Auto Crafters and Promo Girl Encounters

Western Auto Crafters would have quite a presence upon the AutoCon LA event grounds, effectively conveying the brand’s tireless passion and affection for the broad-based automotive culture through the care and dedication exemplified upon its quality showcase vehicles.  Such would be quite indicative of a business very much committed towards excellence within the field of vehicular collision repair.  However, automotive lifestyle events like AutoCon LA present an environment saturated by various competing visuals that tend to pull an audience within unforeseeable patterns upon a show floor.  Because of this element of unpredictability towards certain stimulating factors, companies often employ the use of special interactive features within their live event displays to assist in establishing a solid brand presence upon a specific promotional arena.  For Western Auto Crafters, their interpretation of such an element would manifest within featured photo opportunities with a fabulous foursome of fine modeling personalities, who together would help create some fun and inspiring moments for all those fortunate fans in attendance.


As an internationally published modeling talent, Annelise Marie would deliver some fresh flavor upon the AutoCon show floor this season, mesmerizing through a vibrant expressive charisma and energizing grace that utterly embraces the senses in ravishing sensuality.  There’s just this smoothness of attitude to her charming disposition that fundamentally illuminates an atmosphere in shimmering emotive character and allure, qualities to her talent that allude to that vision of an ideal summertime beauty just relishing in the flow of the moment. 




Lorena Salazar has only been known to make occasional appearances within the automotive show circuits throughout the last few seasons though always quite captivating within that warm expressive elegance and sleek delicate poise that characterizes her fluid intuitive presence.




Julianne Trejo is a fresh new face to the car culture scene, making her automotive circuit debut upon the grounds of AutoCon Los Angeles 2013.  Vividly alluring in enrapturing seductive focus framed upon chic passionate style, Julianne just exudes a dainty aesthetic depth defined in the refined expressive contours of her creative identity.  She just establishes a certain potency of drama within a majesty of form and movement that truly accentuates the innate sensuality that exists within her being.



Lyna Ly Sparks returns to Santa Anita Park for this year’s AutoCon LA extravaganza, as she continues to tour the show circuits as one of the most dominant promotional figures of the automotive scene since the beginning of the season’s second quarter.  Passionately stunning in soothing sensual depth illuminated in fluid dynamic grace, Lyna always captivates with a quality of order that finds aesthetic significance through the emotive constructs of dramatic poise and control.  There’s just this statuesque richness to her expressive manner that infuses scintillating style within the flare of a vibrant showcase environment, an innate sophistication of character which has made her a beloved fan favorite over the past several years.



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