July 12, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Alexia Cortez


The essence of a model is a concept only explored at its surface through the emotive artistry one is able to convey within any given moment.  In many aspects of the profession, a certain innate quality and value of character is required for the effective progression of a career, a charm and humility that keeps a talent grounded and balanced towards any challenges that may arise in the future.  While ambition and success tends to divert many from their roots, others embrace such fortune and drive within the harmony of graciousness and virtue.  Perhaps, no other figure in the automotive scene today displays such respect and affection for the field of modeling quite like Alexia Cortez.  One of the hardest working women within the promotional scene, Alexia has truly battled to be where she is today, rising from within the talent saturated urban and import automotive scenes to her current status as a leading international spokesmodel for prestigious brands such as Monster Energy.  While such honors would often signal a change of environment or routine for many industry professionals, Alexia still remains true to the scene that has always appreciated her, an unfaltering commitment that fans are likewise certain to express throughout these exciting and dynamic stages of her modeling career.  The proof of such an assertion would lie upon the sheer volume of excited spectators at her table during AutoCon LA 2013.




Alexia Cortez dazzles through a fluid expressive elegance defined within chic delicate poise and control, elements within her process that infuse a richness of order upon an atmosphere.  There’s a style and sophistication to her smooth intuitive allure that flows with such pristine charm and character, inspiring potent shimmering drama even through the formalities of conduct within a live event environment.  It’s the pure class in which she presents herself that truly exemplifies her true value as a professional within the industry.



A major contributing factor to Alexia’s status as a car culture phenomenon lies heavily upon her solid dedication to her craft.  Though her soothing sensuality does much to showcase her innate talent, it’s really the proximity and closeness she has with her community of fans that tends to distinguish her from the rest of the field.  Even the AutoCon LA master of ceremonies had to take a few moments off his scheduled presentation to commend her diligence, as Alexia would brave the hottest and most uncomfortable conditions upon the show floor, all the while staying focused upon that willingness to entertain.  With much of her surroundings already cleared during the final minutes of the event, Alexia would still be at her most radiant, signing autographs and meeting fans, essentially ending the day as the last woman standing upon the event’s official model’s lounge.  After all, there are a lot of things a person might come to expect from such a caliber of class and professionalism.  Sweating about a situation, however, has never been one of them.


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