June 28, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: The Finest of the Automotive Scene

When one ponders about the fundamental elements of the car culture experience, SPOCOM is definitely a major entertainment brand, which celebrates every conceivable aspect of the showcase genre, recognized for its continuing dedication towards the passions that inspire a vast automotive enthusiast community.  Just as the company proudly conveys through its well publicized mottos, the motivation ultimately lies within a genuine affection for automobiles, combined within the thrill for the automotive lifestyle and an unbound creative spirit expressed through exhibition.  Thus, within such an encompassing emphasis, SPOCOM Anaheim has been honored as one of the most renowned mid-summer automotive showcase festivals in Southern California, signifying in many ways the apex of an entire event season through elaborate and spectacular displays of style and performance, highlighted within the occasion of a premier event atmosphere.  Besides its stature as one of the most prestigious show car judging circuits in the United States today, SPOCOM is also admired for its significance within the import modeling realm, consistently featuring some of the most alluring international talents upon its show floor in order to fully accentuate the grandeur of any moment.  On July 13th, 2013, the popular automotive showcase tour will once again find itself upon familiar ground at the Anaheim Convention Center for it’s 2013 season kick-off extravaganza.  One question remains, however.  Are you ready?  Whatever you’re answer might be, these ladies sure are…

2013 SPOCOM Anaheim Talent Roster Spotlights

Alissa Rae Ross
Amy Ames
Apiradee Sungkara
Ashley Malia
Beckie Joon
Cathyy Dam
Christine Barnum
Claudia Lopez
Darling Darla
Dianna Lushus
Ela Pasion
Hayle Cayaga
Elizabeth Tran
Erica Law
Genevieve Chanelle
Jackie Vidal
Jessica Endres
Brittany Paige
Kay Bae
Kristin Barcelona
Leianna Kai
Marissa Hiroko
Raquel Estrella
Sandra Wong
Lyna Ly Sparks
Raichelle Viado
Desiree Vidal
Samantha Padilla
Ngan Vo
Ms Lynn Lyn
and many more…

Click on the flyer below to be redirected to the SPOCOM main site and buy your tickets now to one of the hottest live event extravaganzas of the summer.  Use promo code “AUTOSHOWEVENTS’ to get a discount on your purchase price.

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