June 7, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: The Diamond Dozen Models for Customs 411



The Extreme Autofest event series is definitely one of the fastest growing automotive show circuits in Southern California, whose ever expanding reach within the region spans a diverse and dedicated community often well exposed to the culture and entertainment that has defined a lifestyle phenomenon.  Such has driven companies within the automotive sector to explore provocative and innovative ways of capturing the attention of their target audience, who are too often barraged by a variety of concepts and attractions throughout their time upon a show floor.  This is where the need for promotion is apparent but also when its quality finds utmost significance.  With that said, the Diamond Dozen has been a reliable promotional service provider within the industry, composed of a rich roster of modeling professionals, who utilize their varied talents within print, television and live entertainment to effectively highlight brand power and dependability.  Through their professionalism and spirit, they would assist in making the Customs 411 Magazine booth one of the most memorable elements to this year’s Extreme Autofest Anaheim experience, doing so with impeccable style and enrapturing sensuality.



Franchesca Del Carpio mesmerizes with a sweet expressive charisma formed upon a vibrant sophistication of poise.  She always exudes a natural elegance within unbound enthusiasm, which just bursts with pure emotive clarity and inspiringly embracing character.  Such visual quality is well complimented by her natural grace and amicability upon an event environment, always interactive and responsive toward her audience while keeping her brand theme and culture firmly within the conversation.  Franchesca has defined her career with such professionalism ever since and continues to be an admired figure within the California show circuits today.





Ling Ferrero captivates through a vivid expressive style and seductive depth, which effortlessly infuses passion within an atmosphere.  It’s this shimmering focus and its innate power through emotive brilliance that effectively maximizes her influence upon the mood and character of any situation or scene.



Elegantly stunning in soothing expressive consistency framed upon sleek delicate poise, Thao N. presents unique visual quality within a composition or scene, possessing a keen intuitive sense for correlating posture within expression.  There’s just a certain fluidity and cohesiveness to her talent and artistry, which allows her to affect such potent emotive influence within an atmosphere through the full depth and dimension of her process.



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