June 5, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: The Girls of Gotham


With corrupt cops, crazy district attorneys, homicidal clowns, and mutant monstrosities on the loose upon its streets, Gotham City can be quite a hassle to deal with on a daily basis.  Despite the dangers, however, there’s one aspect to the experience that could very well provide relief for such dread and negativity in regards to its many residents and visitors.  That would be the quality of women within the city’s limits.  Indeed, whether they are dressing up like bats or purring like cats, the ladies of Gotham City present a style and character all their own, encompassing the strength, independence and sensuality that often captivates a mass audience.  Such a realization would prompt some of the top promotional personalities of this world to emulate their tastes for themes and wardrobe upon the grounds of Angel Stadium for Extreme Autofest’s season opening event in Anaheim, California.  Together they would represent the who’s who of heroism and villainy within Gotham City’s infamous history, accompanied by some debut conceptions, which ultimately just dazzled the senses.


2013 Extreme Autofest “Heroes and Villains” Spokesmodel Lounge (continued)


Soothingly seductive in charming expressive radiance framed upon enamoring passionate poise, Christina May mesmerizes with a similar spellbinding sensuality as her Gotham City alter ego, Poison Ivy.


Sandra Wong visually intoxicates through a shimmering expressive serenity embraced in refined delicate style.  She just exudes such stunning emotive order within graceful poise and sensuality, which might even get the cynical and gloomy Bruce Wayne to blush a few times while seeing her in his trusty sidekick’s ensemble.


Well recognized as one of the fastest rising personalities within the automotive scene today with several magazine covers and features to her credit, Sandra Wong wouldn’t be immediately identified as a particularly shy person.  However, such would be apparent through her adorable attempts at implementing the trademark Robin mask to her attire, which were often interrupted with giggle attacks spawned from the overall silliness of the moment. 




Claudia Lopez introduces a brand new chapter to the Gotham City Saga, apparently involving the emergence of a new crime fighter who uses the spirit of dance to subdue her foes.  Such is the theory behind the “Batlerina” concept, perhaps.  Whatever the true inspiration may be, Claudia brings the creation to life through a rich expressive focus and shimmering smooth sweetness of character, which truly exemplifies a depth of style within the person.





Kristin Barcelona AKA Robin dazzles through a pure vibrant charisma, which visually caresses through potent emotive clarity and brilliant elegance of expressive quality.  She just delivers such genuine spirit and sincere warmth towards an atmosphere, well magnified by the costumed creativity at this year’s official spokesmodel lounge.




Infectiously charismatic in vivid expressive depth illuminated in charming, unfiltered enthusiasm, Brittani Paige AKA Brit Wayne has signified the underlying spirit and character of the automotive showcase scene for well over a year now, energizing audiences through her inclusive, spontaneous charisma upon some of the most prestigious event grounds in the nation.  While quite a visually powerful artist within stylistic expression and form, she shines ever so brightly within a live event environment as a true woman of the masses who can connect with her audience within any instance or situation.





Though she would don the villainous mask and persona of Gotham City’s most notorious thief, the Catwoman, Blu Pearl is actually admired for being quite gracious and accommodating to her fans, always contributing enamoring grace and charming professionalism for the benefit and betterment of the general show experience.


Bebe Layne enchants with an enthralling expressive adorability that vividly enraptures through scintillating seductive character and form.  As the new Batgirl for the mean streets of Gotham City, Bebe definitely has the mental edge on crime, being that villainy tends to be quite powerless to the influence of her stunning presence.

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