June 4, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Wonder Women


Known as one of the great promotional duos of 2012, the team of Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr would once again renew their professional collaboration for the 2013 summer season, this time stationing themselves within the fantastical majesty of the 2013 Extreme Autofest “Heroes and Villains” Official Spokesmodel Lounge.  While in many ways stylistically distinct in creative character, these two young talents present a charming cohesion within process and personality, which provides for intriguing moments within various live event settings.  Such a complimentary dynamic between two talents may very well originate from a strong mutual rapport that has developed over the course of their young careers, well influenced by a similar and virtually simultaneous entry into the public arena.  Their return to the grounds of Angel Stadium for Extreme Autofest Anaheim would present them the opportunity of paying homage to the different eras of the Wonder Woman legend and saga, conveying an entertaining visual narrative without necessarily the intent of doing so, a true sign of a fluid and sophisticated promotional machine, in sync within any genre of brand or style of theme.  While each have established themselves as truly unique figures within the modeling industry, many people would get a bit of a taste of those good old days, not at all that long ago but fondly remembered as some of the more enjoyable moments in recent live event history.



Ashley Clark is quite possibly one of the most charmingly radiant live event personalities active in the automotive show circuits today, consistently beaming with a potently immersing charisma and spirit that intricately influences the nature and mood of any moment or situation.  It’s this impeccable expressive quality that in many ways is quite definitive of the vibrant coastal lifestyle in its inspiring, unabashed optimism and vivacity.   Basing her Extreme Autofest ensemble upon the Modern Era’s interpretation of the Wonder Woman, Ashley would effectively accentuate her natural approachability and prowess upon a show floor within the visual intrigue for fantasy and adventure.






Perhaps, this is why live events like Extreme Autofest find such significance amongst fans and media alike.  To witness all that class and talent coincide and coalesce within the spirit of a dynamic, unpredictable environment provides much insight into the hidden dimensions of some of the more stylish and graceful personalities active within the industry today.  It’s those real moments that really make quite a lasting impact with an audience.






There’s a certain luster to the presence of Amanda Kerr that inspires in pure aesthetic allure.  It’s a smoothness of expressive depth that bursts in a warmth of embracing vibrancy.  It’s an intuitive style defined by the contours of refined order and elegant consistency.  Taken all together, there’s just much to be admired about Amanda’s natural talent as a potential force within art and fashion, as she delivers such effortless sophistication and sensuality toward any moment or situation.  Representing a Golden Age manifestation of the Wonder Woman persona during the event, she definitely reflected the statuesque grace and glamour attributed to the character during that classic time period.


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