June 14, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: The Promo Girl Allure


The concept of positive reinforcement describes a fundamental element within the human experience.  It’s an explanation of cause and effect, action and resulting reaction, which fundamentally determine the decisions people make throughout the course of their lives.  Despite the slightly technical language, the actual idea is quite elementary really.  A person is always more inclined to engage and reengage an activity if it makes him or her feel good.  And with that understanding of basic behavioral science comes its practical implementation within everyday life.  In a world of differing stimulating factors, not everything can be immediately perceived for what it truly has to offer, but often times it’s a certain facet or characteristic that stands out and just effectively grabs one’s attention.  Depending on how pleasant the experience is, such could very well imprint within one’s psyche an affection towards habit.  Such is a recurring fundamental theme within the promotion and marketing fields and why attractive brand ambassadors find such significance within live event environments such as Bimmerfest Pasadena.  When the crowds are dense and the displays visually obstructed, it might be a certain smile, a specific look, or that friendly gesture that effectively reels in a captivated audience, who in all likelihood within upcoming events could be subconsciously looking for that very same brand label on the dress that beautiful modeling professional was wearing that one fine day.  Such is the essence of the promo girl allure.


Rohana Wheels

Rohana Wheels provides a sterling line of sleek quality wheel designs, which cater to an automotive enthusiast’s preference for innovative style matched with performance.


Holly Lee greeted attendees at the Rohana Wheels display during the Bimmerfest Pasadena event extravaganza, projecting that trademark charismatic elegance, which has made her into one of the most renowned figures within the Californian automotive showcase circuits today.  Adorably inspiring in smooth expressive radiance formed upon sophisticated intuitive style, Holly captivates through the fine balance of enrapturing visual passion and embracing, demonstrative spirit, which often influences and defines the quality of an overall event experience.


MRR Design Wheels

MRR Design stands for a dedication towards innovative conception and quality craftsmanship, translated into scintillating wheel product options for the consumer and the enthusiast within.


People who were fortunate to have attended the 2012 Bimmerfest spectacular would have experienced a pleasant sense of déjà vu upon returning to the MRR Wheels booth this year, finding the enthralling Cynthia Camacho gracing its red carpet display once again for the company’s 2013 season appearance.  Sensually sophisticated in soothing expressive order framed upon fluid statuesque grace, this lovely talent always presents a level of class and dignity upon a show floor that essentially enriches even the most casual and festive of situations, a potent quality to her character well exemplified by her prestigious titles and accolades within the realms of beauty pageantry.



Sol Salguero is another pageant personality who brings alluring value into a scene or composition, elegantly enchanting through a chic expressive serenity that flows enticingly through a delicate sensuality within form.  There’s something quite intriguing about her innate process that is subtle in execution yet emotively immersing within impression, making her a sweetly seductive force upon any premier stage or show floor. Like Cynthia, this would be Sol’s second consecutive year as an MRR Wheels brand representative during a sanctioned Bimmerfest showcase spectacular.


Turner Motorsport / BMW of Murrieta


Crystalle M. (above) and Kim F. (below) were charming the crowds of Bimmerfest Pasadena as the stunning uniformed ladies of Turner Motorsport with BMW of Murrieta.



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