June 18, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: The Bimmer Girls


It’s commonplace within today’s society to invent nicknames for people, places and things that are well admired and beloved.  Though someone may be effectively referred to by a certain established name, people still tend to creatively alter such designations to suggest a certain unique intimacy or closeness to that person.  A certain theme of activity or genre of entertainment might be considered the pinnacle of an experience and, therefore, finds significance within its exclusive status as “the scene.”  Others might even have a silly bobble head figurine, which might be named affectionately through the emotions and feelings that it helps establish within one’s being.  For BMW owners and enthusiasts, the term “Bimmer” holds a special place in their hearts as an expression of affection for the design and engineering of the BMW brand of luxury and sports performance,  a word that transcends age, language and nationality as an inspiration towards the title of the annual Bimmerfest Pasadena automotive celebration.  Year after year, the event promises to accentuate the thrill and enthusiasm of a dedicated car culture community, utilizing the rich event grounds of the Pasadena Rose Bowl to assist in establishing a festive mood within this unique enthusiast extravaganza.  Complimenting all this sensory intrigue, as always, would be a fascination for the gorgeous women who often frequent the event grounds on a yearly basis.  Composed of some of the top talents within the automotive showcase scene, these Bimmer Girls, as some would call them, are in many ways prime ambassadors of a culture personified into living figures of charm and irresistible charisma.

Concept One Wheels

Concept One Wheels brings ingenuity and dedicated craftsmanship into full focus within their luxurious line of quality wheel products, which aims to satisfy as an enthusiast’s first choice for revolutionary style and conception.


MC Chavez charmed with an adorable embracing brilliance, which entertained the crowds in sweet allure throughout the Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 event.



Sparta Evolution

Sparta Evolution is a producer of quality high performance automotive parts with a focus on advanced braking systems and components, which maximize a vehicle’s functional efficiency.


Meghan T. kept the Sparta Evolution brand name fresh within the minds of Bimmerfest attendees through the beaming radiance and enthusiasm of her vibrant character.



Sensually adorable in brilliant expressive charisma framed upon chic energizing form, Dianna Lushus always infuses inspiring spirit and humor into an atmosphere, a facet of her showmanship, which has made her one of the most enjoyable live event personalities within the import scene for the last several years.  The depth within her presence is also quite undeniable through the sheer passion and aesthetic intrigue she is able to command through the constructs of intuitive poise and control. 





Natalia Marie mesmerizes through soothing expressive depth defined in flowing passionate style.  There’s a certain elegance to her serenity that penetrates in scintillating refined seduction, while also creatively intriguing within the dynamic interpretive processes of movement and poise.  Though quite awe-inspiring as an emotively powerful artist, she doesn’t necessarily leave one hanging in the clouds for long, incorporating playfully inclusive antics into an experience that brings an audience pleasantly down to earth in full appreciation of the occasion and essence of the moment.


Road Force Wheels


Desire Gina Rodriguez dazzles with an enticingly sensual vigor that always gets everyone pumped up for the proceedings of a premier live showcase event.


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