June 13, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Claudia Alan


Toyo Tires has been a revolutionary force in the realm of tire design and manufacturing since the middle of the twentieth century, having amassed a solid reputation within various arenas of performance as a preference of champions during prestigious automotive competitions, while also accentuating the luxury within the lifestyle by implementing the same quality design principles within the processes of everyday experience.  Throughout their history, it’s been this affection for innovation, design and ingenuity that has driven the company towards admirable milestones in its existence, driven by a desire to bring something new and inspiring within their field and industry.  Their dedication towards the car culture has also been quite apparent, well recognized as one of the most visible tire production brands within the show circuits this season.  Thus, it was to be expected that the company would eventually introduce a new exciting element within the automotive show circuits that would be essentially inspired by their successful brand culture of fresh conceptions and new beginnings.  To the delight of everyone, such would manifest within the emergence of the gorgeous Claudia Alan as a new live promotional talent for the Toyo Tires brand earlier in the year.  At the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the 2013 Bimmerfest showcase spectacular, Claudia would continue to entertain the crowds through the alluring quality of her spirit and presence, further cementing her status as one of the most promising young stars of 2013.



Immaculately brilliant in beaming expressive quality framed upon vibrant, charismatic poise, Claudia Alan fundamentally illuminates an atmosphere through a certain emotive purity and boldness of enthusiasm, which effortlessly influences the direction and mood of any moment.  In all situations, its this radiant vivacity and elegance of order that provides the irresistible focal point, quite immersing within a certain simplicity and fluidity to her process that essentially embraces within the warmth of potent adorability.

Such inspiring visual presence is very much a reflection of the content within her character, exemplified by a tirelessness and dedication towards her duty as a featured brand ambassador, ever energizing and uplifting even towards the closing hours.  She might not be the most renowned promotional figure at this point in time, but she definitely conducts herself with the same professionalism and charmed sensuality that has effectively exalted the careers of today’s young multimedia stars.


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