June 12, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Models Inspire Brand Recognition


Bimmerfest Pasadena consistently connects a wide variety of people from different locales and backgrounds through a common desire to effectively share one’s passion and admiration for the BMW brand of style and engineering.  The potential to engage such an international crowd has often motivated representatives of the most prestigious companies within the automotive scene to make a concerted effort to establish a significant presence within the event’s show floor, hoping to effectively maximize their value amongst a diverse broad-based audience.  While the quality of product presentation answers a portion of this promotional puzzle, it’s the element of entertainment that truly inspires an enthusiast to attend a Bimmerfest sanctioned spectacular.  It’s the thrill of experiencing the most elegant vehicles within the scene sparkle under the beaming sunlight and rich landscaping of the Pasadena Rose Bowl event grounds.  It’s that sense of casual spirit and enthusiasm that is inherent within the atmosphere that tells much of the soul and creativity of a vibrant car culture community.  Companies who frequent the showcase circuits are well aware of this emotive dynamic within the live event experience.  Such is a primary reason why they often have some of the most beautiful women of the promotional modeling realm sporting their trademarks and logos in an attempt to attract some dedicated brand loyalty from the very first sight.

Sight Waves Auto Sounds



Sight Waves Auto Sounds provides an quality inventory of customized wheels, audio/video components, and accessories suited towards the full satisfaction of the creative processes that drive an automotive lifestyle enthusiast.


Maria R. dazzled with a soothing allure and charisma which effectively drew many people towards the Sight Waves booth throughout the day.


Nitto Tire



Nitto Tire is a leading developer of innovative, technology-driven tire products inspired by a passion for performance and a dedication towards design.



Katelynn Ansari would make a pleasant surprise appearance as a Nitto Tire representative at this year’s Bimmerfest Pasadena showcase spectacular, mostly known for her involvement within the Supercross competitive circuit though now currently establishing herself as a premier promotional presence within the Formula Drift event series in 2013.  Southern California fans might still remember one of her last automotive showcase event appearances within the region, where she acted as a featured floor and stage representative of the BAMMA USA fighting promotion during the 2011 OC Auto Show in Anaheim.  This ability to effectively translate her talent within various genres and scenes is testament to the inherent value she creates upon any show floor, well characterized through a scintillating expressive luster of vivacious elegance that ever so fluidly coincides within intuitive grace of form.  She just brings a certain freshness and sophistication into an atmosphere that just exemplifies a certain marketability within dimension and character, a quality that could effectively lead her to more prestigious accomplishments within the industry throughout the coming years.




Sensually alluring in chic expressive depth framed upon soothing control and poise, Sophia Le visually enraptures through a vivid consistency of focus, which conveys a unique stylistic attitude, inherently rich in aesthetic intrigue.  There’s just a certain force within the flow of her presence that finds significance within the constructs of meaningful themes that demand a certain catalyst of direction.  Yet, there’s also this other facet to her process that just bursts in pure unbound brilliance and enthusiasm, effectively highlighting her worth within more vibrant mainstream concepts.  It’s such perceivable versatility that exemplifies her worth within any fashion or contemporary lifestyle publication.




Vredestein is a dedicated developer of a fine line of multi-purpose tire products, which altogether provide ample options towards specific vehicle type and climate conditions to effectively protect and serve a consumer during his or her travels in an ever changing world.




Lyna Ly Sparks continues to be a beacon of charm and sophistication within the Southern California automotive showcase circuits, always enriching a scene through a tantalizing dramatic sensuality, well expressed within a soothing expressive radiance formed upon chic dynamic order.  There’s a certain daintiness to her visual character that immediately sparks with a potency of class and refinement, a quality of character well admired for its flowing delicate majesty.  Even with the awe she creates through her innate artistry, she’s still most likely to be the first person to offer a friendly gesture towards fans and attendees upon entering an event.  She never ceases to be an optimistic and inspiring figure upon a show floor, consistently infusing embracing warmth and hospitality within every event experience.


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